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Internet of Things (IoT)

Ultimate Guide to Internet of Things (IoT)

The internet of things is made up of billions of ‘smart devices.’ These devices can be both physical and virtual, and make up our everyday world and can now be designed and built with wireless connectivity to be monitored, controlled and linked over the Internet.

Cloud Computing

Ultimate Guide to Cloud Computing and Internet of Things (IoT)

The merging of cloud computing and the IoT is one of the most powerful synergies. By using cloud computing to leverage on-demand computing power and remotely operate software, data storage and application processing capabilities become virtually unlimited.

Big Data

Ultimate Guide to Big Data and Internet of Things (IoT)

The role of big data in the IoT is vitally important. As the IoT market continues to grow, the amount of data continuously generated from ‘smart devices’ will have an exponential impact on the field of big data, because this data will need to be collected and analyzed.

Latest in Internet of Things (IoT) Technologies News

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Globalstar Europe Satellite Services Ltd on Tuesday (11th Dec) made an announcement about NATO’s Science and Technology Organization scientists who are...

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Nintendo has reportedly made Nintendo Switch Online available to the public. It is a paid online service that allows users to...

Court Rules Cops Need A Warrant To Access Data From Smart...

It wouldn't be difficult to tell what is going around in a particular place by looking at the electricity being used...

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How are IoT Technologies being used in the real world?

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