IoT is not a new thing anymore to the world. Every electronic device is now on a single network or getting updated to associate with other devices.  The technology undoubtedly will become one of the common things in our daily lives. Here is the list of 5 major Internet of Things (IoT) devices that are predicted to rule the digital marketplace in the year 2019.

IoT Prediction 1: Comprehensive Growth

Already approximately 3.6 billion gadgets and devices are connected to a common network. A huge amount of data has already trafficked internet. In coming years 5G network will come to offload the burden of increasing devices connected to the internet. Edge computing will also get a push and the data produced from IoT devices will be warehoused nearby shoplifting data-centers business. If both data centers wish to sustain their market they will have to join hands with edge computing. More devices on a single network will bring a revolution.

IoT Prognosis 2: Deeper Penetration in Healthcare and Manufacturing Industries

Production industries are mostly driven by IoT. RFID badges, sensors, and radars have already brought a huge change in the industry. Connected devices are predicted to double by the year 2020. IoT devices have transformed every process in the manufacturing industry from developing of products to supplying them. This revolution will help manufacturers to make their processes more efficient by reducing equipment downtime and will help manage stock better. Also, many more industries will be heavily affected.

According to reports by the year 2019,  87% of organizations that are in the healthcare sector will adopt IoT. There’s a huge amount of potential for the healthcare industry and the IoT technology together.

IoT Prognosis 3: Safer and Secured Endpoints

Today we use different types of IoT devices in our daily lives but have you ever imagined how much are we exposed to the risk of getting hacked. Coming years will be the game changers in terms of security issues as well.

The hardware manufacturing giants are developing infrastructure that will be data loss resistant, more reliable and secure. The security dealers will start providing security to nodes to make their services whitelisted.

IoT Prognosis 4: Smart Neighborhood in the Cities

Smart homes and smart building concept might have come into the picture but smart cities haven’t been materialized yet. Next year maybe we’ll have smart neighborhoods in our cities.

A  smart neighborhood, Sidewalk Labs in Toronto has been built. The neighborhood is all over covered with smart sensors that record every tiny activity happening around 24/7 with an intention to create a place which will be more complacent, safer and cleaner. The building is under pilot test and when the structure will attain perfection it will be the model for all the smart neighborhoods and maybe for cities eventually.

IoT Prognosis 5: Escalation in the Smart Car Market

Self-driving cars are nothing new nowadays and there will be an increase in their market share in the coming years but what has more potential is the IoT- based devices inside the car. IoT technology is the heart of all the vehicles that are connected through apps. These apps are now able to monitor everything which is happening in a vehicle for example pressure of the tires, fuel level, etc. These apps also have the capacity to alert the driver if anything goes wrong with the engine.

Final Words

The future has a lot more for us. Thanks to IoT, we’ll experience a 360-degree transformation not only in our vehicles but the world we live in. Be ready to see the dream of fully automated cities come true in just a couple of years from now.