The publication Patently Apple has reportedly uncovered a smart speaker patent application filed by Microsoft to the US Patent and Trademark Office describing the smart speakers that the company is allegedly developing in collaboration with Quanta Computer. The designing of alleged smart speakers, which were announced in May in a report by Pocket-lint is focused towards setting tough competition for tech giants Amazon, Apple, and Google.

The patent application discovered by the Patently Apple shows a speaker equipped with an artificial intelligence (AI). The speaker and the AI are described in the application in a figure as an all-in-one device. In short, the smart speakers will have inbuilt AI technology.

Microsoft is scheduled to hold the Surface event on 2 October 2018 in which the company is likely to disclose one surface device. It is being assumed that the company will introduce its smart surface in the event. However, the company has not officially confirmed the speculations.

The smart speakers will be equipped to take voice commands. Over the time, the adoption of AI has enhanced and as result, new technologies are coming pre-equipped with AI.  According to the Microsoft patent filing, the AI technology equipped in the smart speakers catch certain keywords, which are then processed to remote services where they are interpreted to execute the command successfully. The device, however, takes a certain amount of time to ensure that it has captured the right keywords and then revert according to the interpretation that it receives from the remote server.

Although the technology is promising, the time utilized in capturing the keywords may turn out to be a dull experience for the users. The device is also likely to have a screen, which will display the action of the user, according to the patent filing.  The user will be able to use the latest smart speakers for information pertaining to the weather, news, personal calendar events and more. The smart speakers will come equipped with smart home devices that will allow the users to operate it even for door locks.

The in-built intelligent assistant system may even store incoming messages and the user will be able to set reminders for the future date with the speaker. The smart speakers are likely to be something very similar to the smart home assistants like Alexa. The company, however, has not commented on the reports as of now. People are waiting to hear more about the Microsoft smart speakers. The latest report and an insight into the technology used in the development of the smart speakers have excited many to grab their hands on the speakers. The company has not revealed its launch plans. However, it is believed that the company on its Surface event will reveal the speakers and its postulated release date.

The Patently Apple, anyway, has already published a full-fledged report on the alleged patent application filing by Microsoft. The publication has even leaked the images, describing the functioning of the speaker that the company actually submitted to the patent office in its application.