myDevices Inc in collaboration with Alibaba Cloud’s Internet of Things (IoT) Business Unit has announced the availability of turnkey IoT solutions. As per the terms of the partnership, myDevices will sell and market IoT in a Box™ solution across China, Asian Country through the existing reseller distribution network of Alibaba Cloud.

Alibaba Cloud is a subsidiary of Alibaba Group that offers a core service is cloud computing. The IoT solutions thus developed in the partnership will secure the assets of industries and businesses serving the markets of commercial refrigeration and facility management vertical markets.

myDevices will play a major role in the promotion of IoT solutions dubbed “Integrating myDevices”. Wang Yunci, the Marketing Director of the IoT Business Unit at Alibaba Cloud, said that the IoT solution together with the LinkWAN network and Alibaba Cloud would promote IoT for businesses of all sizes across China. Wang further added that the offering would have a direct impact on the sales channel of the company.

The “Integrating myDevices” solutions combine cellular connected gateway and Ethernet together over 95 plus types of sensors, mobile applications for iOS/Android, a network server of LinkWAN, and device management which will enable businesses and industries remotely monitor assets. The IoT solutions will send SMS alerts, email, reporting, and automating sensor data recording.

The solutions come pre-packed and ready for sale and it can be adapted to meet as per the need. The registered resellers will be trained on the working of the Integrating myDevices solutions. Resources for marketing and sale of the solutions will be provided to the registered resellers to help them improve on their skills to sell the solutions. The team of myDevices and Alibaba Cloud will provide how-to videos, samples, ROI calculators and more to boost the promotion and marketing of the solutions.

The IoT solutions have something to offer to all. For instance, the health sector will be able to monitor remotely the temperature by using the Integrating myDevices, according to the CEO of myDevices Kevin Bromber.

Ready-to-use IoT solutions are likely to accelerate the adoption of IoT products in China. This, in turn, would accelerate the growth of the ecosystem of resellers. The IoT solutions are actually a mix and match of sensors, applications, software, and a lot more.

As of now, there is no news of anyone having purchased or reviewing the Integrating myDevices solutions. Although the solutions are out in one package, it is yet to be adopted by the industries. We will have to wait for a certain period of time for business and industry experts to comment on the rollout of the Integrating myDevices solutions.

The Chinese market will largely benefit from the ready-to-sale IoT solutions as it will ease the workload of companies and businesses irrespective of their size. Resellers, in particular, will get the opportunity to widen their horizon and expand their network in the long run through the promotion of the Integrating myDevices solutions. Until now, it is not sure whether the IoT solutions would be made available outside China in the future or not.