Amazon’s cloud computing unit Amazon Web Services (AWS) has recently announced satellite operators focused new offerings. The offering was unveiled during the company’s re: Invent conference held in Seattle. According to the company’s announcement, the new offering will allow the satellite owners to rent time on ground stations managed by Amazon. The rented time could be utilized by the satellite owners for receiving and sending data from orbit. The service has been named AWS Ground Station and its working is similar to the AWS.

Amazon AWS Ground Station

It costs millions of dollars for a company with a large satellite to build their own ground stations. Companies that cannot afford to have their own satellite end up long-term contracts that are often inflexible with third parties providing their own stations on rent, according to the company’s blog.

It is believed that the new service will allow satellite operators to gain access to a ground station in a short span on time by paying for availing the services. Companies or operators with prior knowledge on the capacity that they may require for their set work will be in a better position to book the service in advance and pay relatively less.

AWS is planning to have a dozen ore ground stations by mid-2019. But before the launch, the company will access the demand and will take action accordingly. AWS is of the view that 2019 will see a great surge in the number of satellites as various companies prepare for the launch. For instance, SpaceX is preparing to launch a number of satellites, as well as the government, is working on a number of projects that would significantly add to the total number of satellites available today.

In a separate news, it has been uncovered that AWS will bring computing cloud economics to space with its ground stations. Amazon EC2 has already made available compute power to users in a cost-effective manner. The working of the EC2 is similar to that of AWS ground station.

By using the ground station of AWS the operators will be able to carry out a number of tasks which may include the following:

  1. Streaming: Using Amazon Kinesis Data Streams the operators will be able to capture, store data and process stream.
  2. Processing: The operators will be able to use the image analysis by using Amazon Rekognition. Moreover, they will be able to create, deploy and train machine learning models.
  3. Analytics / Reporting: The operators will have capabilities to store processed data through Amazon Redshift through inbuilt data warehouse – Amazon QuickSight and Amazon Athena.
  4. Storage: Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) can be utilized for storing data. Amazon Glacier can be used for archiving data for long time duration.

The AWS ground station, in short, will take over the entire work process of operator or company and will help carry out them in the most effective manner. The operators will have to pay-as-you-go bases for availing the service.