According to a report by CNBC, Amazon is developing as many as 8 Alexa-powered devices to be revealed in the next one year or so. The move is in line with the company’s efforts to make Alexa ubiquitous, at least in the areas that are most utilized by people like home and office.

The 8 Alexa-powered devices is expected to include a microwave oven, sub-woofer, in-car gadgets, and an amplifier, reported CNBC citing reliable sources. Some of these devices will have Amazon artificial intelligence tool Alexa inbuilt, while some will have voice assistant. The company, however, has not revealed much about its plans and is expected to make an announcement in this reference by the end of September, according to an internal document.

The company for long has cherished a desire to make its voice assistant available in almost all devices that are often used by people. The company first introduced Alexa at Amazon, which was widely accepted by the people. It now has plans to make the voice assistant available on almost all of its devices.

The popularity of Alexa over the time has considerably contributed to the growth of the smart speaker market, which is expected to reach around $30 billion by 2024, as reported by Global Market Insights. It is for the first time when Amazon will venture into the home appliance market. The move will likely put it in a direct competition with home appliance market leaders Sonos and GE.

GE has already developed a smart microwave that supports Alexa. Garmin, a home appliance manufacturer, has reportedly developed dash cam that is compatible to dash cam. Amazon, however, has refrained from commenting on the report due to its own reasons.

Amazon is a brand name that does not dither from taking adventuresome decisions. For instance, it’s experimental Echo home devices which managed to attract large number of people. The company focuses on bringing the most innovative product in the market and its experiments often turn out to be a huge success.

The recent reports, however, hints at the company’s focus on entering the home appliance market. The alleged amplifier by Amazon could be used as the central audio panel for controlling music played by speakers across the house. There have also been reports of the company acquiring Ring, smart doorbell maker, which again supports the company’s alleged inclination towards home appliances.

The company, no doubt, is eyeing to have a new sales channel open through its strategic move. In a separate report by Bloomberg, the company is alleged of secretly working on developing a home robot. The development is likely to boost the growth of the company. The company is also in news for its alleged partnership with various smart home appliances manufacturer. Although the company has not yet revealed its plans to move into the Internet of Things (IoT) smart home appliance segment, CEO Jeff Bezos hinted at the company plans for Alexa.

According to Bezos, the company wants to make its proud product Alexa available to every customer across the world. The company has already collaborated with a good number of companies from more than 150 countries for the development of Alexa-enable devices.  Bezos informed that the number of Alexa-powered devices have tripled over a year.