Atmosic Technologies Launches Low-Power Wireless Internet Of Things Chips 01

Atmosic Technologies, a provider of Ultra-low power wireless for the Internet of Things (IoT), has launched Bluetooth 5 Platforms, the industry’s lowest power wireless. The platform is comprised with its first M2 and M3 series for enabling IOT devices connectivity anytime and anywhere. The wires experts of the company have already made CMOS RF design and successfully produced huge volumes of high-performance connected devices. The company is now focusing on battery-free IOT to reality. It’s a long vision and for that, the company is making solutions to enable unlimited battery life with tremendous effort, ecological impact, and low cost linked to battery maintenance for all the connected devices.

Commenting on the launch, John Hennessy, advisor to Atmosic and chairman of the Board of Alphabet, said:

“If you hate changing batteries, you’re going to like the technologies we’re developing to help eliminate that problem.”

Hennessy further said that the team behind the Atmosic is working day in and out to bring in amazing wireless and low-power technology in the radio and utility saving ecosystem. It will be a boon for the people who hate to change batteries at regular interval of time.

Atmosic has developed three innovative technologies to reduce battery dependence for IOT. These innovations are On-demand Wake-up, lowest power radio, and Controlled Energy Harvesting. The company took a wireless agnostic approach to discover the power-efficient foundation for its IOT connectivity solutions for the first time.

Atmosic Forever Battery Diagram

With its ON-demand Wake-up and Lowest Power radio, company enables to reduce power utilization to such a low level that the third innovative technology (Controlled Energy Harvesting) becomes the only power source for wirelessly connected devices. The Controlled Energy Harvesting can also deliver battery-free operation or an unlimited battery-life.

The installed base for Wi-Fi, NFC, and Bluetooth connected devices will be around $35 billion worldwide, by 2023. The percentage growth will certainly be raised by IOT applications. Andrew Zignani, the senior research analyst of ABI research, has said that the money and time to maintain these immense battery-dependent devices may go beyond the potential of IoT. The basic approach of the Atmosic is to focus on low-power technologies and has the vision to provide battery-free IOT.

Atmosic Markets

When Wi-Fi was at its initial days, no one would have thought that it would become the universal communication that connects devices and individuals worldwide. Today’s launch of M2 and M3 approaching a big step towards achieving unlimited battery-life.

Features and benefits of M2 and M3 series:

  1. The Atmosic M2 Series Bluetooth 5 SoC will have Lowest Power Radio delivering 5 to 10 times lower power as well as on-demand wake-up capability to reduce power consumption by 10 to 100 times.
  2. The M2 and M3 Series come with packaging options of flash and non-flash as well as 6×6 DRQFN packages.
  3. The latest devices come with various application options like wearable, mice, remotes, and beacons and more.

The M2 and M3 series samples are available for customers who went to test and try it. The devices, however, will be produced in mass volume in the second quarter of 2019.