AT&T has reportedly unveiled its plans to deploy AirGig, the technology that promises to improve broadband in areas where laying fiber-optic capable is not feasible. The new AT&T AirGig technology is speculated to reach the remote areas by 2021.

The new technology will provide broadband connectivity to remote areas without connecting directly to houses. It will rather travel through power polls to reach the destination. Spreading broadband from power polls AirGig will be able to cover a wider area. The deployment will take time as AT&T would need 5G networks to fully support it. The 5G network still has some time to penetrate the tech market. The company, however, is aiming to deploy AirGig by 2021, stated Mark Evans one of the directors on AT&T’s AirGig team.

AirGig although sounds promising, it will have its own limitations. For instance, it is not necessary for the technology to reach the dense places. The company is taking all efforts to make AirGig available to everyone. Businesses and e-commerce market are most likely to reap great benefits from the AirGig deployment.

AT&T first revealed its plans for AirGig technology earlier in 2016. In 2017, it tested the technology on various parameters, especially on George Power. Further, the company collaborated with equipment manufacturers to design new hardware for AirGig testing which is most likely to take place on 2019, according to the AT&T’s vice president of converged access and devices Gordon Mansfield.

AT&T “AirGig” Could Bring 100-Megabit Broadband To Rural Houses In 2021 (01)

The technology is expected to revolutionize how people and businesses use the internet. The company has not revealed much detail on the technology. It is yet to be revealed whether or not the technology will be Gigabit. However, the company has made it clear that AirGig will be easy to install. The technology relies on Antenna modules, which AT&T describes as eggs, clamped on the power poles. These eggs are powered by the medium-voltage power lines.

The installation of the device is easy and it takes around 10 minutes to connect and start using the technology. The high-speed data travels through the power lines just like electricity. The company demonstrated the working of AirGig at the Spark event. The demonstration showed AirGig’s capacity to transfer 90 gigabits per second which is more than enough to watch thousands of high-definition movies online.

Various tech-based companies previously tested sharing data connectivity through power lines but the results were not as good as that of AirGig. The AirGig is viewed as a solution for curbing data connectivity issues and improving on the broadband speed. Tough the technology will require some time for official deployment. The latest innovation would enable people living in densely populated areas to have access to a good network for streaming videos and working online. The best part of the AT&T AirGig is that it comes with the easy installation. The AirGig is tiny equipment that can be attached to power lines. The data would then travel via power lines to houses connected with the lines. In short, all the houses with power line connectivity will be benefited from AirGig.