AWS and Cisco have reportedly entered a deal to develop a new product. Under the partnership, which was announced on 8th November 2018, the companies will work together towards the development of a product that will enable developers to create applications in the cloud or in data centers. The product will also make it easier for developers to transit from the data center to cloud or vice-versa.

The move is actually the latest development in Cisco’s strategy to build hybrid options for clients desiring to move to the cloud but waiting for the completion of certain projects on their respective hardware to test privacy and ensure compliance of regulatory bodies. Cisco in the past also entered agreements with tech giants making their mark count in the cloud market – Google and Microsoft. Amazon, however, has come up as the pioneer in the market of cloud infrastructure.

The companies are currently following the latest trends of providing containers related services that enable the application developers to transit code between machines. Amazon provides a service that encourages the development of containers on servers in its data centers while Cisco has come up with software that works on servers managed by the companies themselves. The services by Amazon and software by Cisco are supported by Google’s Kubernetes open-source software.

The Executive Vice President and General Manager of Cisco’s networking and security business David Goeckeler said that today’s applications are built by using the methodology of the containers. He further added that it is important to mull on the question as “where are they going to run it”.

When it comes to traditional data centers, Cisco is playing the most crucial role in the space where businesses are purchasing their own networking routers and switches. More recently, the infrastructure has shifted to the cloud, which in turn has made it difficult for companies like Cisco to avail growth in their respective markets. Two years back, VMware and AWS entered a partnership under which VMware allows Amazon cloud to use its management software.

Cisco is set to sell and offer commercial support for the technology – Cisco Hybrid Solution – for Kubernetes on AWS. The service will be made available for an annual charge of $65,000 as it becomes available in December. Together with the software, Cisco will also offer specially designed hardware for the companies to buy.

The offering is made available through the deal is likely to make it easier for the developers to develop apps and stay competitive in the market. AWS and Cisco, however, didn’t elaborate on how the hybrid cloud product would benefit the developers in the market. But there is no denying that the demand for the hybrid cloud has increased in the corporate sector. The partnership with Amazon Web Services is a part of Cisco’s offering in the hybrid cloud segment as well as a part of an acquisition that it announced in 2017.