Baidu Inc  has developed itself to prepare for a win against Alphabet Inc’s which is popularly called Google in China. The Baidu CEO posted on web-based networking media among the U.S. search engine giant as it was aiming to re-enter to the same market which it left eight years back.

China’s strict censorship laws have made World’s biggest search engine Google’s to be blocked in the country since 2010, letting the big giant leave the market from China. Further, this made Baidu stand in a strong position in the local search engine market because of lack of competition.

A week ago, Reuters has said that Google has evolved its technique in a search engine to enter into the indexing field by referring data from the company’s representatives and Chinese authorities. The same has been announced on the news website named ‘Intercept’.

On Tuesday, Baidu CEO Robin Li has announced on private social media that if two companies come against each other then “Baidu will be the champion again”. He further added that “Now Chinese companies have the right confidence and ability” to compete against its competitor globally.

The above statement was confirmed by one spokesperson of Baidu which was shared by local media.

It was a huge blunder on the company side taking the decision of exiting from the Chinese market. This made companies lose golden opportunity to enter into the big pool of internet world. Google was welcomed in China but it must obey the local rules and regulations, posted by state media vent ‘People’s Daily’. After Li reacted to it the post was later removed from People Daily’s social media accounts like Twitter and Facebook. There are a lot of tech giants who are dismissed to enter into the market of China for its censored and strict law.

On Monday the above statements were published in other media newspaper. Google has refused to put a remark on the report and Li’s comment.

Report on Google’s return back to a big platform in the internet world, China into web crawl market with a controlled inquiry application has denounced by the advocates of China. Local firms of the country stepped in to venture up with various US tech-based firms like Apple Inc, Facebook Inc, and Qualcomm Inc against increasing exchange between the two nations. These companies are blocked by a lot of services in China for its strict law.

It’s the Chinese president Xi Jinping strict censorship laws that made Apple remove hundred of apps from Chinese app store in the past few years. Even the social media giant, Facebook has got banned for its apps in China Market and now trying hard to enter the Chinese restrictive market again. It’s not only the Apple and Facebook but also the twitter has been blocked in China.

A month ago, it has been announced that it was opening an innovative developing center in the eastern city of Zhejiang but after one hour it was declared that the undertaken registration process was pulled by regulators from a national database.