The blockchain is spreading its wings and it is all set to dominate the skies. In a recent development, the colossal airplane manufacturing company Boeing has gone into a partnership with an artificial intelligence (AI) company. They are using a blockchain based system project for building a “next-generation airspace management” system, particularly for the vehicles that are not operational and other similar products. Boeing made this big announcement via a press release yesterday, in which the company also announced that it has already invested $32 million into the company.

The collaboration between Boeing and the Texas-based SparkCognition Company will be joining hands in developing a platform for tracking autonomous vehicles and designating air corridor. Additionally, both these companies are also going to come up with a standardized programming interface for various commercial applications that include industrial inspection, package delivery, and various other commercial applications.

Amir Hussain, the CEO of SparkCognition foresees a bright prospect for the unmanned vehicle industry due to this development. He mentioned that the new partnership will soon yield rich dividends and that he is looking forward to an exponential growth which is going to transform into a $3-trillion market in the future. “The prospects of the urban aerial mobility opportunity is all set to create a gigantic market in our lifetimes”, he made it clear.

The CEO further added, “The partnership of the world’s number one aviation company with one of the world’s most innovative AI Company signifies an unmatched experience in the field of safety, scale, innovation, and reliability which will take effect for addressing this mammoth occasion.

Boeing has already put a foot forward to clinch the next generation travel and Unmanned Traffic Management (UTM) systems. UTM is an air traffic management ecosystem which engages in the autonomously controlled operations of unmanned aerial systems. Boeing has already readied a division Boeing NeXt for a specific purpose. The division is going to exclusively target the development of innovative technologies in this arena.

The Chief Technology Officer of the Company, Grey Hyslop mentioned, “Presently, we are standing at a crucial juncture in history, where breakthrough technological innovations and societal trends are congregating to demand bold solutions and a completely diverse way for traveling. Boeing has the necessary expertise and experience for shaping up this up-and-coming world of travel and transport. The sole purpose of creating Boeing NeXt is for building a legacy that is going to open up new boundaries which are going to transport both people and goods with established technologies.”

Boeing NeXt has already started working in full swing on various innovative solutions for the sake of the industry. The recent launch of its hypersonic concept of the passenger-carrying in addition to the electric take-off and landing (eVTOL) vehicle illustrates the fact. This eVOTL: a vehicle which is based on the hypersonic concept can efficiently provide urban air travel and cargo delivery on-demand. Without a doubt, all this is going to make a significant difference in the mobility ecosystem.