Brilliant, a name popularly known for its amazing range of smart home products has launched its most awaited smart home control products. Smart Home devices developed by Brilliant have set their mark on the market for the unique design behind its creation.

The company has names its product ‘Brilliant’ as it carries the themes of the company. The debut of Brilliant is expected to being revolution how smart homes have been operating so far. The product makes it easier for homeowners to control almost every device through voice. For instance, replacing the traditional switchboard with Brilliant one can control the house via voice for switching off lights, turning on the AC and more.

Brilliant allows the homeowner to voice control any of the room without having to install voice appliances. The idea behind the creation of Brilliant was originated by Aaron Emigh, the CEO, and co-founder of Brilliant. Aaron earlier updated his home with smart home devices but was disappointed as he found a gap between the smart home devices and the owner of the house. Therefore, he thought to come up with a smart home device to allow homeowners command the house via voice.

Brilliant Debuts Its New Smart Home Controller Starting At $299

Aaron said that the current smart home devices are not fulfilling the purpose for what the smart devices were actually invented. He reportedly alleged the current smart home devices as fragmented. Moreover, the smart home devices already installed are capable of taking command only from the owner of the house, making it difficult for friend and family to use them when the owner is away. Brilliant is one innovation that will do away with any loophole of smart home devices seamlessly.

Some of the key features of the Smart Home Controller include-

  • Turns light smart: The product smartly converts a traditional light to smart or modern light through smart control. Using the device one can control the light by just touch, mobile app or by using Amazon Alexa.
  • Control from Distance: The Brilliant enables its users to control the appliances of the house from a distance. For instance, homeowners can use Brilliant to turn off light from their cars or from a certain distance.
  • Connect To Ringing: Homeowners can know who is knocking or ringing at door with the help of a Brilliant app.
  • Adjust temperature: Using Brilliant, homeowners can adjust the temperature of any room.
  • Adjust Ambience: The Brilliant can re-create themes of ambiance for different occasions by adjusting lighting and more.
  • Amazon Alexa: Brilliant brings with it Amazon Alexa to every room.
  • One button control: Brilliant once installed can control the entire house with just one button.
  • Personalize: Brilliant enables the homeowners to personalize the usage of the device by changing the setting to complement the home.

The smart home device is easy to install and control. It works like a Wi-Fi device, which means it does not require any wiring for the installation of the device. Brilliant can be installed like a switchboard. It is compatible with AI of Amazon, Google and more.

As far as the pricing is concerned, Brilliant comes at the price of $299 with six colors to blend into any decor seamlessly. One can purchase the product directly from