After completing the last year announced trial, an ASX listed Start-up Company; CCP Technologies has been opted to distribute devices to the narrowband IoT of Vodafone. The deal includes the CCP devices implementation with an aim to supply advanced farm to fork cold-chain food monitoring. The implementation of CCP devices will be done on the Vodafone’s Network. These devices will help in business intelligence, real-time analytics, and continuous control point data capture.

Neelum Prakash, General Manager of Enterprise Business in Vodafone mentioned in a statement “Since the launch of narrowband IoT network in Australia they have been working closely with CCP”. He further mentioned that the company is eagerly waiting to welcome it into the developing family of narrowband IoT customers of Vodafone.

“The food industry customers mostly work with refrigeration facilities and industrial coolrooms which are mainly placed in basements. NB-IoT offers these situations which need deep indoor signal penetration.”

“In this emerging market, a great opportunity has been recognized by CCP and it is definitely a proud moment for Vodafone to help CCP in providing a solution that will disrupt the food industry”.

As per the report by Computerworld, it has been confirmed that Vodafone has adopted a backbone network of low power wide area network which is also known as LPWAN. This device will help in connecting the low bandwidth required devices wirelessly to one another.

In Port Melbourne Victoria, North Sydney which is situated in New South Wales, Vodafone has introduced the Narrowband IoT. CCP also introduced a critical control point monitoring solution at Sydney airport in May. This solution offered by the CCP is widely used to monitor critical points and temperature in the food industry.

The companies which are listed in the ASX will come to join the trial which is about to held in Melbourne. Vodafone is also planning to extend its network during November to surrounding metropolitan areas and in the greater Melbourne. In December it is planning to extend its services in some parts of Canberra and Sydney.

According to reports, it is found that the beginning of the deal was marked after CCP at Sydney Airport installed its first-ever critical control point monitoring in the month of May. The critical control point solution which has been installed at the Sydney airport serves the entire international as well as domestic terminals through its food service operations.

Michael White who is the chief executive of CCP said that it is the universal goal for the entire food industry to have a flawless cold chain monitoring system. With the introduction of the technology of Artificial intelligence, big data, IoT, blockchain and convergence of cloud a new era of technology has begun in the supply chain management of the industry.

With the locking of the deal with Vodafone along with the introduction of Smart tags which are used in the monitoring of shipment, it is the beginning of CCP for providing Logistics 4.0 solutions.