Cable giant Comcast is rumored to take over the command in the smart home market by setting tough competition for Amazon and Google. The cable company is testing a program that has the potential to turn its customer’s TV into a smart home hub, reports CNET citing people familiar with the news. The alleged program deploys the existing hardware of the Comcast and software supported by X1 video service to enable users of smart home connected devices use the TV with voice commands.

The development is likely to increase competition for Amazon and Google which are currently dominating the smart home devices market. Homeowners still have control over certain smart home devices such as thermostats and connected locks. Google and Amazon, however, are working day-on and out to mark their innovation as the standard system in the smart home market. It is for the first time when Comcast has decided to set a direct competition to Amazon and Google.

The program that is currently being tested by Comcast will be able to stream internet video from various apps such as Netflix, Amazon, YouTube, according to a statement by the person familiar with the matter. Streaming-media boxes such as Apple TV and Amazon’s Fire TV are certainly not what Comcast desired to compete with. Comcast would levy a monthly fee to its customers for availing the program. The company, however, is yet to decide on the business model of the program and price scheme, according to reliable sources.

CNBC in its report dated 7th November 2018 stated that Comcast is in the process of developing a product that would enable its broadband users to stream apps such as YouTube and Netflix through a voice-controlled remote. The new product was also alleged to provide a platform for the connected home.

Comcast Might Soon Take On Amazon And Google As A Smart Home Hub

The smart-home device market is currently being dominated by smart speakers. Google and Amazon have come up as pioneers in the smart speaker segment with the products via Amazon’s Echo speaker that enjoys 70% share in the smart-speaker market, while Google Home enjoys 25% share. Many companies have been seen struggling to pay their way to the smart home market with video displays. In the similar line, Amazon revealed Echo Show display in 2017 which is later revamped in September. Similarly, Google in October unveiled a countertop display dubbed Home Hub.

The rest of the contestants in the home-hub display are racing in the footsteps of Amazon and Google. For instance, a portal by Facebook deploys Amazon’s Alexa as well as products such as Lenovo Smart Display and Google Assistant powered JBL Link.

On the other side, Comcast has developed a platform that powers smart-home devices such as connected door lock, light and thermostats through a bigger screen of the TV. The Comcast software X1 system servers support the connectivity. The software already has integrated streaming video services such as YouTube and Netflix.