On August 28, Dell Technologies has unveiled Internet of Things (IoT) surveillance solution that showcases the company’s efforts to create an open foundation to help meet connected world demand.

The new solutions will be an essential part of edge computing, in short, the much-talked solutions will use edge technology to support computer vision and artificial intelligence (AI). The first target of the solution would be surveillance as described by Dell.

Surveillance is the most important area to target as everything is monitored through cameras. They are the best sensors for monitoring and capturing information, according to Jason Shepherd Dell Technologies CTO of IoT solutions.

The company will use the simple looking cameras to make their own solutions that help monitor almost everything in the most effective manner one can ever imagine. The solution would be developed using EdgeX technology which is the common ecosystem of an interoperable component and open framework for IoT edge computing. Jason said that once the surveillance solution is out retailers would not have to worry about locking their shops or their respective businesses. The new surveillance solutions are likely to bring in the solutions that will scare away thieves and trespassers.

Talking about the company’s surveillance project, Jason further said that innovations and advancement in science should be introduced in a timely fashion but this is one and the only way to stay competitive in the market. Dell’s announcement, in short, hints at the company’s willingness to say ahead in the competitive market with great solutions and product. The new solutions that Dell proclaims to launch will be first of their kind.

The IoT surveillance solutions that are currently in the pipeline are both for individual and business usage. For instance, the Compliance –aaS for HVAC, power systems, refrigerator and safety solutions for outdoor spaces will help individuals improve on the quality of life. However, the usage is definitely not limited for personal use. Business firms can use the solutions alike. Additionally, there are industrial centric solutions in the pipeline that will improve the way businesses operate.

The industrial centric solutions include the solution for saving utility especially for grocery shops with special technology that improves food quality. The other industrial solutions include advanced Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM); proficient remote monitoring of oil and gas operations; digital manufacturing intelligence suite for larger-scale operations and video surveillance customized for K-12 Education.

Dell has made it clear what it plans to do and how will they put everything into effect. The company is expected to roll out the surveillance solutions somewhere in October 2018. Dell confirmed that its solutions would make it easy to monitor activities taking place outside the buildings and factories where it is actually difficult to keep a tap on what is happening. Dell was reported, saying that the company is not hacking stuff together for the sake of IoT. It is working continuously to bring out the best surveillance solutions for individuals and businesses. Every solution that it is about to introduce will significantly affect all aspects of life.