Senet LoRaWAN developer tools that are required by developers along with connectivity offerings have now collaborated with Digi-Key IoT Resource center.

Senet Inc that tops in its IoT services based on cloud, network and connectivity have now announced that it will work together with Digi-Key IoT Resource Center with the help of its LoRaWAN developer tools and connectivity services.

It is also said that through this partnership betterment in access to LoRaWAN sensors, development kit, gateways, network offerings and other similar services will be offered to IoT app developers with the help of one main portal at Digi-Key Electronics.

The announcement is now trending among the distributors of component providers who are now in search of other ways to give access to tools that are required by the developers along with the speed connectivity of IoT and LoRaWAN solutions. They are searching out of their traditional models of sales to help developers in case of providing access. This process will further decrease development to market cycle as the given offers are qualified in advance for practical use of information and compatibility.

Robbie Paul, Digi-Key director for IoT business development mentioned in a statement “For the deployment of productions and prototyping customers of Digi-Key are demanding developer tools and high-quality components.” Also, Digi-Key is collaborating with one of the leading company in the market i.e. Senet Inc for delivering LoRaWAN tools that are helpful for developers and the services of connectivity. This partnership will help Digi-Key because it can label the rapid growth of IoT markets’ Low Power Wide Area segment.

Meanwhile, Senet Company is also getting benefited by this partnership as according to CEO of Senet, Bruce Chatterley with the help of Digi-Key, access to Network-as-a-Service of Senet and IoT applications will be enabled. Due to this service, it becomes a one-stop-shop for the developers to get ascendible and secured solutions for IoT to market. From here, developers can get all the required services and tools without searching in various portals or websites. The partnership has made Senet proud because through this they can support their progressing business model. With the help of this model, Senet can provide resources required for development to their customers for speed time to the market. Through this number of customers can be increased. Also, customers will feel more satisfied as they get their requirements fulfilled in one place.

After the announcement of the partnership with Senet Inc, Digi-Key has announced that its portal will have the following new tools and resources:-

  • LoRaWAN development kits for developers, gateways and user-end sensor devices will be accessible.
  • Senet has a portal where a developer can create their own account free of cost. So, access to this portal is provided in Digi-Keys portal.
  • Information on Senet products. The portal consists of all the information about the products of Senet Inc.
  • Use cases of LoRaWAN and customer case studies.
  • Recordings of webinars which would help users to learn more about LoRaWAN and other tools presented in the webinar.