DISH Network has reportedly picked Ericsson as its partner for Narrowband Internet of Things (NB – IoT) access and the core network. Dish NB –IoT which is currently in its development stage is expected to roll out somewhere in March 2020.

DISH has already completed the initial radio frequency design for NB-IoT by leveraging the worldwide wireless radio expertise of Ericsson early in 2018. The President and Head of Ericsson North America ‘Niklas Heuveldop’ said that DISH is focusing on creating a greenfield network for 5G. The initiative has been started with NB-IoT. Heuveldop further said that Ericsson is excited to partner with the DISH on NB-IoT initiative. He said that the collaboration will allow the company to contribute in the IoT segment of the market. IoT is believed to hold huge potential in the US for consumers as well as businesses, added Heuveldop.

Ericsson and DISH Network have tested NB-IoT data transmission following the guidelines set on the 3GPP standard which included testing the network for the extended range connection of nearly 100km from a base station. The network of the DISH is expected to include Ericsson Radio System NR-capable radios. There are also reports of DISH installing, commission and testing the Ericsson Cloud Core Network for interoperability.

DISH executive vice president of Corporate Development ‘Tom Cullen’ said that the expertise of Ericsson in wireless radio has helped the company to lay the foundation of its project. Ericsson will play a significant role besides helping in the planning and development of the NB-IoT network the company will support DISH in certifying compliance with its coverage specifications, said Cullen.

Ericsson, in fact, is the first wireless vendor chosen by DISH for its network development. Ericsson is a pioneer communication service provider with the capacity to provide complete connectivity. The portfolio of the company includes a range of products and services such as digital services, emerging business, network and managed services. The company focuses on crafting products and services to help customers in their transition to digital enhance efficiency and look for new revenue opportunities. Ericsson has invested in a number of companies with the hope of supporting innovation. Its investments have helped in benefiting the telecom and broadband companies as well as individuals across the globe. Ericsson has its stocks listed on Nasdaq Stockholm as well as Nasdaq New York.

Talking about DISH Network Corporation is the company that provides connectivity services. Since its inception in 1980, the company has operated as the disruptive force in pay-TV, driving force in innovation as well as a value on behalf of consumers. The company has many subsidiaries through which it offers TV entertainment, stream Sling TV series and provides high-tech technology to millions of its customers through DISH TV. The DISH is said to have a national in-home installation workforce and advertising sales team providing targeted advertising solution on DISH TV and Sling TV. Besides the TV services, the DISH has also unveiled national narrowband IoT to offer its customers with connectivity solutions and applications by deploying its strategic spectrum portfolio.