Electronic Arts has recently unveiled the name of its on-going cloud gaming platform – Project Atlas. Ken Moss, EA’s chief technology officer, discussed more details about the service and the people who are working on it. EA disclosed that it was working on its gaming cloud platform since June 2018.

Moss also mentioned that currently, EA is having more than 1000 employees working on this project every single day. The company also mentioned that there are number of studious around the world contributing their driving priorities, innovations, and already using their various components.

By having a cloud gaming service, players are allowed to access the games through a “Connected Distributed System”, the game exists on EA’s server rather than on a user’s own system. The user can access the game after installing a “thin client” that EA has developed with a motive to allow players to “remotely stream and process blockbuster”, multiplayer games in HD quality with the minimum possible latency, and also to unveil even more opportunities for dynamic social and cross-platform play.

EA Announces ‘Project Atlas’ Cloud Gaming Platform

The breakdown of game development into two key priorities was explained by Ken Moss as the game services and the game engine.

Online game services are considered closely for the game industry as it connects players closely with the content. Moss believes that in the future gaming will become the most compelling form of entertainment. You will be able to play games with your friends anywhere, anytime, and on any device.

Few capabilities which are essential in terms of providing game services include:

  • Socialization capability makes you able to form friendships and friend groups.
  • The capability to create, capture, share, discover, and rate moments and user content.
  • Matchmaking for the games which are played by more than a single player. It is secure as well as personalized.
  • The ability to form a group or makes an identity, which allows players to connect to each other.

EA Announces ‘Project Atlas’ Cloud Gaming Platform

These capabilities are already been offered by EA. Therefore, Moss has described a wider vision which EA has for Project Atlas in which the Frostbite engine of the game and its services seamlessly converge. Moss observed that features like matchmaking, data, marketplace, cloud hosting, achievements, and AI are separated from the development tools in the engine, but this new project will implement all above-mentioned services natively with a unified solution. Especially, the addition of AI will offer more personalized experiences. One of its main features is that players can play HD games that look “hyper-realistic” without being limited by their own device’s capability.

In the end, Moss described the importance of player’s security and creativity. EA is keen to allow its players to create their own content within its games and services. The move follows a sudden shift by industry players to cloud streaming as Google has also announced its cloud game service dubbed Project Stream and Microsoft has also unveiled its cloud game Project xCloud.