Ikea is reportedly planning to launch AI-supported smart blinds that will be cheaper in cost and effective like any other smart home device. According to a renowned blogger Dave Zatz, the upcoming blind by Ikea will share the brand name “Tradfri”. Ikea’s smart light devices, wireless push buttons, as well as remotes for easy adjustments also share the same brand name.

Tradfri products are compatible to work with AI technology like Alexa, Google Assistant, and Apple HomeKit. The credibility that Tradfri has gained over the time assures that the upcoming blinds will work smartly and fill in light in the room as and when commanded by the house owner. The blinds will support voice command and will be easy to handle remotely.

Many smart blinds are already floating in the market that supports voice command but they are quite expensive. For instance, the smart blinds by Lutron and Somfy may cost around a thousand dollar, which is very high for anyone. Ikea is likely to cut down the competition by offering the smart blinds at comparatively lower rates. Ikea known for offering smart gadgets, offers affordable and highly effective products. Speculations are that Ikea’s blinds will cost less as compared to its peers. However, Ikeas has not released the real cost of the blinds yet.

Another thing that is yet to be uncovered about Ikea’s blind is its working. It is yet to be uncovered as of how the blinds will operate whether will they be battery-powered or will it have motorized arms? The company has not even revealed the release date of the blinds. In short, there is a lot of suspense on the Ikea’s alleged blinds.

The information about the company launching AI-based blinds was uncovered in the FCC database. The company filed the information to the FCC on August 24. However, until now the company has not made any public statement hinting at its upcoming blinds. The company has also shared a photograph of the product with the confidential filing which will expire six months from the date of submission.

The company is likely to come out informing the public about the blinds and its operation. The product s expected to be out before March the month when the confidentiality period ends. In another report, the company is allegedly set to launch new Tradfri smart plugs.

It is interesting to see how AI is being incorporated in almost all IoT devices. The smart blinds are a great innovation that adds class to the house and provides utmost comfort to the owner. The blinds that are already out in the market are quite expensive, Ikea’s blinds will allow many houses to have the smart blinds without hurting their pockets. This will, in fact, increase the number of smart houses as families likely to invest in them for the AI-advanced housing. The company is yet to share its plans with the public. Until then we will have to wait to get a better idea of what Ikea is working at currently.