GE Digital and Microsoft recently announced that starting 30th November 2018, developers and North American customers that make use of GE’s Predix development platform will be able to build industrial apps on Azure which is a Microsoft’s cloud platform for business enterprises. The partnership between two market leaders has brought sensational power to the world of industrial IoT.

The announcement for the cloud platform was made at GE’s Minds + Machines industrial software conference by John Flannery CEO and chairman of the GE and Satya Nadella, CEO Microsoft in San Francisco. “It’s no longer enough to build machines,”, “The company that just builds machines won’t survive” mentioned John Flannery. Kevin Ichhpurani, GE Digital’s executive vice president also mentioned in a statement that “It’s really two market leaders coming together to accelerate the adoption on the Industrial Internet of Things”, “It’s one of the biggest value drivers for customers.” says Kevin Ichhpurani, GE Digital’s executive vice president.

The deal between these two companies is predicted to benefit a large number of firms in the industrial areas. Predix is a secure platform which helps its user to develop apps for the industrial machines so that it can communicate better with the customers. Azure, on the other hand, is a cloud computing platform, which gives access to its users for building, testing, deploying and managing applications and services from remote areas managed by Microsoft. Experts are estimating that use of this new power introduced to the world will add approximately $10 trillion to $15 trillion to global GDP in the coming years.

The deal also includes the integration of the Predix with the top cloud tools of the Microsoft such as Azure data and Analytics as well as Azure IoT. GE digital is all set to utilize the Azure for its productivity tools and its business for additional IT workloads.

Judson Althoff, Executive Vice President of Microsoft, has also brought this to notice that how the industrial sector works in fueling the economics around the world. It has also been said that with this strategic partnership, the mutual customers of both GE and Microsoft, will be benefited by the secure platforms which will have the ability to provide with the unmatched results and help its user advance their business possibilities.

Bill Ruh Chief Digital Officer, GE, and CEO, GE Digital has also directed that without mastering digital powers of connecting machines and able to make them more productive and efficient, no industrial company will be able to compete in the future.

According to the statistical report submitted by GSMA Intelligence, it is expected that the global IoT market will worth $1.1 trillion in revenue by 2025. This will be possible because of the current market shifts from connectivity to applications, platforms, and services.

Well! Now, everything depends on time. Let’s see how much impact the collaboration of the two tech giants will bring in the industrial market.