According to a report released by Google LLC on 20th November 2018, the company is mulling to expand its horizon across the world with a new $685 million green data center which will be developed in Denmark.

The company already has four infrastructures across Europe – Ireland, Finland, Belgium, and the Netherlands. In 2017, Google was in news for acquiring a plot adjacent to Apple’s planned data center in southern Denmark. Recently, a number of companies have expanded their operations to Scandinavia as the region is said to offer great renewable energy sources. Denmark, in fact, has the richest source of renewable energy. This could be one of the reasons for Apple and Google choosing the region for their respective data center. The country’s one-third of electricity production relies on wind turbines. Google in a statement hinted at its plans to use a mixture of the renewable source of energy and the conventional energy for the operations of the recently announced data center.

Joe Kava, the vice president of global data centers at Google said the company is dedicated to matching its energy use with 100% carbon-free energy. The company is allegedly looking for new investment opportunities through renewable energy projects in Denmark such as solar energy, onshore wind, and offshore wind, said Joe Kava.

Talking about the newly announced data center in Denmark, Kava said the facility is likely to be developed near Fredericia, a town in the western region of Denmark. The facility may open job opportunities for 150- 210 post construction. The construction is scheduled to be completed in 2021, reveals Kava through a statement.

Kava also shed light on the company’s plan to use artificial intelligence in its Denmark facility by saying that Google is planning to utilize artificial intelligence to optimize power consumption. This year in August, Google revealed its plans of developing an artificial intelligence system publicly. The system was said to be capable of adjusting the cooling level within a data center based on operational requirements to lower energy waster. Data centers

Google Is Building A New $685M Green Data Center In Denmark

consume a lot of energy for cooling down the infrastructure. The newly developed system is capable of lowering energy waste by 30% on each facility where it has been deployed.

However, the company has not revealed its plans of utilizing the artificial intelligence system that it developed. Although the company has shared its plans of using artificial intelligence, it is not clear as which artificial intelligence system it may deploy.

Furthermore, the company has not revealed the date by which it plans to start building the Denmark facility. Google is aggressively expanding its worldwide network as it aims to expand its cloud business as well as consumer-centric services. There is also news of Google investing in new undersea internet cables which are alleged of having the capacity to speed up network access for users. As of now, there are a number of tech companies who have recently taken interest in the undersea internet cables.