Google recently come up with a decision to rebrand its Google Drive storage plans. One of the features that were required from a long time was the up-gradation of the storage plans in Google Drive with efficient prices. And now Google has done the same by releasing new plans in the shape of “Google One” that will offer more affordable storage plans at a reasonable price. Notably, this is the first price cut in the last four years in terms of data storage services.

The new rebranded scheme called the Google One has similar money plans pertaining to Google Drive earlier plans. The previous plan offers 100GB of additional storage in just $1.99, for a span of 30 days. But now the new plans have some extra aspects to offer like a per month tier with upgrading option. With $2.99 per month tier, one will get 200GB of storage which is open for upgrading with $9.99 giving storage of 2TB instead of 1TB for 30 days.

The signing up for the storage of 2TB is simple and worth trying out on Google One. The procedure is very user-friendly, just look for storage option in the Google Drive and click on “Upgrade Storage” option which will give you all the details of the new plans introduced.

The new plans are just a new version of introduced tiers. For a lump sum span of time, the prices are introduced to be more affordable. Despite that the plans offering storage of more than 2TB earlier remain unchanged. There are some other offers in the Google Drive which are expected to be changed as well, but nothing has been announced or declared by Google yet. The new features even allow sharing of the plan among your family members with a limit of 5 member max. This is useful since the individual plan selection is higher and sharing among family can induce cost savings, helping one to pay for what he/she needs. Also, there is no crosscheck in terms of family details, so you’re still open to adding up your coworkers and friends.

As a new name is spotted in the news, it might be a hit that Google has used ’One’ to suggest that now the storage is not just limited to Google Drive but to one’s Gmail, Gallery and Photos as well, knowing that a lot of brand structure is dependent upon a new rebranded name of the same existing product to attract more audience.

Google mentioned that they have automatically transferred all Google Drive plan holders on a personal account present in Google One and from August 15th all new sign-ups with the new plans will be operational. Mostly while choosing a plan the first step should be to evaluate your need of space. This space depends on how much of aspects you might need a backup of, be it emails or photos. Secondly, if you already have existing iCloud storage plan then this would be more of irrelevant to you but still, the new process from Google offers a competitive aspect as compared to other platforms.

Microsoft has been offering a plan amounting to half of what Google offers. Dropbox does not offer any such affordable plans ranging between the amounts of free to $9.99, and in case iCloud fails to accommodate all your demands in 50GB, jumping onto Google One might be the best choice.