The much-hyped Google smart display is finally about to be launched as the company has announced its plans to release it during an event on October 9. The smart display will be known as the Home Hub and will carry a price tag of around $150, according to a report by Android Authority.

The news regarding the Google smart display has been around for the past few months. The media was clueless regarding the name and design of the smart screen. MySmartPrice has reportedly leaked some images of the Home Hub.

According to the leaked images, the appearance of the Home Hub resembles that of Android and Google Home Max. The device will have a 7-inch LCD touch screen featuring a thick border that will have a number of inbuilt sensors. The smart display, just like other latest Google devices, won’t have a rear camera or front-facing camera which means the users will not be able to use Google’s Duo or other similar services.

The half of the bottom of the device is covering some fabric kind stuff just like Google’s smart speakers. There is also a button on the back to mute the device. The device is said to light in weight, weighing just 480 grams which is similar to that of Google Home.

For those curious to have a variety of color on the devices, Google smart display comes in two color schemes, chalk, and charcoal. Now, coming to the costing Google have not confirmed but it is believed that the price of the display will be less than that of Lenovo Smart Display and its peers. Lenovo Smart Display is also a new entrant in the Tech market.

The company has begun shipping the smart display at the beginning of this year itself. Anyway, the price of Home Hun seems to be a strategic move by Google to stay upbeat in the competition. Google has a well-known name in the tech industry and its products have never failed the expectations of the users. It is hoped that the Home Hub will serve the purpose and will add to the company’s revenue.

There are speculations about Google naming the smart device Home Hub. The speculations assert that the device is actually a strategic move by the company to introduce various smart home devices. There are also speculations about the company creating a portfolio of products to complement Home Hub. If the speculations are true, the company may be coming up with products that may not support third-party devices. Although these are only speculations, the company has not yet come out making any public announcement in this regards.

The company, in fact, is yet to officially reveal its plans to launch Home Hub and its features. Google is scheduled to hold a hardware event on October 9, which will witness the final announcement, by the company. There are speculations about Home Hub to have certain features that will be alien to other devices.