Cybercriminals nowadays are targeting the IoT devices to conduct criminal activities. FBI recently through an alert warned about the devices such as IP cameras, routers, smart locks, hacked smartphones etc to be used by cybercriminals in such a manner that it acts as a gateway for hacking and giving rise to other cyber attacks. It has also given an alert through which an unsecured smart device can be used to monitor different activities for criminals and perform illegal activities.

It further becomes critical when it comes to access them as a part of a criminal campaign as criminals tend to remain anonymous which further creates a lot of problems. By being anonymous they can feel a lot safer as no one can guess about the place from where the attack is actually being operated or if there is any illegal activity going on. Hence, it becomes very critical to be aware of the strategies being implanted by the attackers.

The IoT devices in the developed nations are even more vulnerable as they provide access to many business websites. Such devices help the attackers to find out the major source that bocks the traffic from suspicious or foreign IP addresses.

The Internet of things devices is even more vulnerable as there are plenty of such devices which are developed with poor security. This is one aspect on which a lot of focus needs to be given with time and advancement of technology. FBI’s alert also tells about the ways through which the attacker gains the access to plenty of devices by using the default username and passwords. They also use brute force attacks to guess the passwords. This also takes place when there is authentication enabled in the first place.

With loopholes in the IoT devices, the vendors try to protect the devices with the help of firmware and software updates. Through this, the vendors try to prevent all sorts of vulnerabilities. It is not possible that all the devices regularly use the firmware and the software updates given by the vendors. Thus, in such scenario those devices which are not regularly being updated with the latest security patches; chances are high that attackers might target your device.

It even becomes more vulnerable when the vendors are aware of the fact that the devices need protection and they don’t take any action. This is the worst scenario for the devices vulnerable to attack.

FBI has recommended rebooting the smart products regularly. This is necessary because almost all the malware is stored in the memory and they can be easily removed when the device is rebooted. Further users should also change the credentials such as username and password after a certain time interval. If required they should keep the devices on the segmented network.

Internet of things devices has a lot of applications and its increasing usage is asking for more and more security. With the users being aware of the threats of the attackers a lot of problems can be simplified and can be easily avoided.