Hortonworks has reportedly entered a deal with tech giants IBM and Red Hat for big data hybrid.  The deal is focused towards building a common structure or system to run big data workloads in on-premises data centers and the cloud. For the purpose, the company intends to use Kubernetes containers. The demand for Kubernetes containers is exceptionally high for storing big data systems in future data centers in businesses.

The deal was disclosed at the Strata Data Conference, which also witnessed revelation about Dell EMC entering into an agreement with BlueData Software was also made. Dell EMC and BlueData Software partnership are focused towards developing an ecosystem for cloud-style containers.

The Growth of Big Data

The deals hint at the rapidly shit to big data. Container-based data scheme, in particular, is coming up as a promising method for deployment and management of data in the organizations in the coming future.

The Hortonworks and Dell deals are reflecting how the analytics engines are changing the way the data is handled as well as the ways for moving data to cloud, according to a statement released by run Chandrasekaran an analyst at Gartner. In an interview, Chandrasekaran said that the big data has evolved over the time in a big way. Earlier its role was limited to computing and storing data said Chandrasekaran. At that time, MapReduce was the single engine, which limited the role of big data; however, it is now multipurpose engines that are working on big data. In short, the demand for big data has multiplied over the time.

Moving Ahead Storage and Computing

The advanced cloud deployments are delinking storage and computing, according to the Grater Analyst. The delinking has expanded the horizon of storing big data for portability. Many businesses have already shifted to container orchestration with many expected to make the move in the future, added Chandrasekaran. The move explains as for how people are viewing the big data and the methods to deal or handle it, said Chandrasekaran. The alliance between Hortonworks, IBM, and Red Hat is an essential change that will widen the adaptation of Hadoop-style open source distributed data processing network. In short, Cloud storage and on-promise containerization are coming up together as a team to change the way big data is stored and handled.

Introduction of Elastic Cloud

Accessing the much talked about deals it will not be wrong to say that the elastic cloud would take over soon. The elastic cloud is all about storing the big data appropriately. The big data would come up as a single architecture of solving issues pertaining to data management of the businesses. There is a need to develop ecosystems for managing distributed work and work with on the distributed data. Having both on the same premise like on the cloud would make it easier to manage the big data, said the founder of Small World Big Data, Mike Matchett, who was also present at the conference.  The development will make it easier for the future IT managers to make decisions considering the current workload for any task that requires analytics processing.