With the technological advancement, almost everything is getting attracted towards technology which requires minimum human efforts. With more and more machines that can perform tasks accurately, tech-based firms are cutting off jobs. It is expected that a total of 5 million jobs will be lost by the end of the year 2020 due to automation.

The above figures might sound like a scary one but the reality is totally different if we consider the longer approach. No doubt cloud computing, big data, and IoT are making the task easier but they are also flushing out job opportunities as well.

According to a research conducted by Microsoft and IDC, it was found that cloud computing will generate close to 515000 job opportunities across key markets in Africa and The Middle East during the 2017-2022 time period. The job opportunities will not only confine to only one section, new opportunities will span across different areas including sales, finance, marketing, production, administration, and service etc.

Cloud computing until now has been successful in the creation of several jobs that we wouldn’t have imagined a decade ago. The major ones that have high demand in future include:-

  • Big Data Analyst

With data storage increasing at a rate of 40% per year, cloud computing has successfully managed to store a large amount of data for business firms without having the risk of getting lost. The best part is people who can analyze and process data from the stored information are already in high demand these days. Tech-based companies’ hire candidate with knowledge in managing data as it is the most important thing on which companies are based. In order to compete with other firms in the tech industry, it is important that data analysts should collect and interpret the data carefully.

  • Cloud Computing Specialist

Cloud computing is so popular nowadays that half of the business firms in the US make use of the cloud so as to store information safely. It is expected that by 2020, 440% of growth will be seen by the companies focusing on big data, cloud computing.

  • Ride Sharing Drivers

We all are familiar with the fact that taxies have served as the best way of reaching the office. Earlier people were not able to see their location on the phone but now with the advancement of technology, we can book a cab/taxi even by sitting on one location with the help of different apps. Thousands of job opportunities have been created in the world with ride-sharing services. It has already affected over 8 million users across 70 different countries.

You might be thinking how cloud computing creates the job in this section. Well if you take an example of companies like Airbnb and Uber are poster children for the sharing economy. All this wouldn’t have been possible without the advancement of technology, connectivity, cloud and software as a service that we are using from past few years.

Thus, rather than flushing of job opportunities, the cloud is creating new jobs. The key is to equip ourselves with the skills we need to evolve along with the world of work.


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