In a recent announcement by the Hull City Council, they are going to install a new long-range wide area network (LoRaWAN) across the city including the surrounding areas. This development is primarily aimed for supporting the internet of things (IoT) devices.

A local Company Connexin has been assigned the responsibility of delivering this carrier-grade network. The company also aims to offer limited open access for various others that include the community groups, hobbyists, and the educational organizations.

Understandably, the setup needs to cover a substantial area. Thus, the network will place a whopping seven LoRaWAN gates across Hull. This is going to help the coverage to spread out in the north, east, and the west of the city which is also going to include the areas of East Riding.

In a statement, the Hull City Council and the Connexin Company stated, the implementation of this new long-range wide area network will provide inexpensive, deep indoor coverage and long-range outdoor coverage in the high-density areas and those which were previously inaccessible. Simultaneously, the company will support the plan for developing a range of services for smart city management areas that include the lighting, car parking, and waste management.

The economic investment portfolio holder and Councilor Daren Hale also made his opinion clear in this aspect. He mentioned that Hull is striving forward and is all set to become one of the leading smart cities in the UK and we are consistently experimenting and innovating ways with which we can make our services more valuable.

Presently, Hull has the ability for providing top-notch services for the residents who are going to experience the boons of this new technology, one such innovation being the roll-out of smart bins. They are also interested in exploring other possibilities to improve their services and to make it more effective.

Furqan Alamgir, the Chief Executive Officer of Connexin said, this new long-range wide area network is going to be an ideal platform for the likes of businesses, public and third-party sector groups. They can now come up with smart ideas which are consequently going to developIoT based smart applications.

According to an announcement made last week, the Hull City Council and the Connexin Company are all set to make a pilot run on how to use the smart bins. The test run would be done around the common public places in the city.  The implementation of running this pilot was already stated by the Councilor Daren Hale earlier.

The partnership of Hull City Council and the Connexin Company in launching LoRaWAN has generated a great deal of interest among the local authorities as they are eager to see the potential of this new network. The new network will now make it easier for IoT applications and devices to communicate over long-haul wireless connections with the support from an extended battery life. Following the suit, the City of York Council also announced the use of an identical network for supporting its work with the help of IoT devices.