Two giant tech companies Telit and IBM are partnering for interoperable activities to help businesses to carry out their monitoring operations. This is done with the intention to aid different manufacturers and business organizations to reduce the expense, risk, difficulties and the time of deployment of solutions for the purpose of monitoring, asset tracking, industrial automation, and field service operations.

Telit has recently stated that its deviceWISE IoT platform is now ready to work with IBM’s Watson IoT platform to enable manufacturers to have better control in their industrial products which are imminent, assets and systems and other applications like advanced analytics, AI etc.

The IoT platform called deviceWISE helps in organizing the process of integration of different devices and applications in a library composed of native device drivers and industrial protocols. It reduces the need of the customization of coding and other related tasks needed in integration.

It supports all types of applications and devices you are using and integrate them to have a seamless flow of your business. With this device around, you just need to plug in and it will automatically connect to your applications and devices and provide you a smooth operation of your business.

The IBM Watson IoT platform is a wonderful innovation which ultimately gives a new direction to how to exercise IoT data and powerful artificial intelligence (AI)-based capabilities in a better manner. All this will include the use of cognitive analysis, natural language processing, and machine learning.

As told by Stephan Biller, vice president for Offering Management, IBM Watson IoT, the merge of these two solutions help different manufacturers to control data coming from various sources. Both the solutions complement each other in terms of their capabilities, only to benefit the manufacturers and numerous industrial businesses across the globe.

Telit is already a renowned name in the field of IoT, enjoying a global presence in wireless digital technologies which is widely trusted by customers. It has given new insight to many leading brands by providing them a safe and secure, integrated loT services. It offers service to all industry verticals, not just to enterprises. In fact, it enables them to realize their goal of digital transformation.

The IBM Watson IoT is another platform which offers enterprise-ready IoT solutions. It helps different organizations to transform themselves by managing and visualizing data effectively. This indirectly helps to translate their business growth. The organizations can do many things by utilizing this platform. They can augment their revenue by developing innovative solutions for the IOT.

The IoT integration is necessary for modern age industries to grow exponentially in their respective businesses. All the industries are now gearing up for IoT integration to transform their business. The IBM Watson IoT is a complete digital solution to manage the affair of IoT in business.

Deploying IoT in the right manner is a challenge for different organizations and this IBM Watson IoT can help them a lot in that. Every business wants to optimize their investment and for this integration is very much necessary.