The home appliances producing company Ikea is planning to expand their products from its smart versions of lightening product line “Trådfri”. According to a Swedish tech blog Teknikveckan, Ikea is now adding new smart plugs in their list of smart products which turns any normal product into a smart one being able to be controlled or accessed with an app or a remote control device.

The new release is purported to launch in two major versions, one being a “Control outlet kit” that comes with an on/off remote costing $15 and second version being a “Wireless control outlet” costing $10. The power button is also capable of sticking onto metal surfaces because of the magnetic substance in it and can operate perfectly up to 10 meters of range.

The new smart plug, unlike other Trådfri products, is reported to support Apple HomeKit, home assistant products offered by Google and Alexa.

The smart plug is basically used to enable smart features in all basic appliances that fulfill up our daily schedule of activities. All it needs is to connect any appliance to the smart plug which is further connected to the power socket. By following the process we can turn any appliance into a smart product.

The device plugged in can now serve versatile features. It can be controlled via phone application and because of smart plugs, on and off commands are operational. The user is able to automate, control and do many other features of controlling the device through phone commands. Your T.V, coffee maker, bedside lamp and other similar devices can be operated from your phone with the help of the smart plug.

The Ikea is dedicated for launching the new product into its product line and various prototypes and system images have already leaked online.

Ikea smart plug description

With the release of Trådfri smart plug, Ikea’s has managed to catch the attention in the market space again by unveiling the inexpensive rage of automation products. The company is also planning further expansions in its tech lineup in a variety of similar products. The company tested the market and response with its Bluetooth speakers costing around $49 and versatile Wi-Fi enabled smart speakers as well. The company has been engrossed in various partnerships with renowned brands such as Teenage Engineering and Sonos.

The smart plugs are a great rescue for turning your home into a smart home at an affordable price. Another benefit such products offer is the convenience to the user as they can be connected with various kitchen devices, bringing you the efficiency of appliances at a single tap. You wouldn’t have to get up anymore and operate your appliances, just ask your smart plug to do it.