Today in the generation where nothing is left unjudged from young Indian minds, only when they act upon what problem they see and fix it with a solution: they give birth to a revolutionary change. This change does not come with mere perfunctory actions but comes with a rebellious passion when a problem is spotted. Something similar happened this week too when few young Indian students from Bengaluru spotted a problem, they acted upon it and won a special award at an international platform.

According to one of the source, the students created a mobile application that fought against the fake medicine market by letting users know which pharmaceutical is authentic and which is not. They represented their idea in Microsoft Imagine Cup World Championship conducted at giants headquarter premises in Redmond, US.

Their team was called the “Team DrugSafe” representing the R.V. College of Engineering. The team won a special award under the category of Big Data technology.

The international competition they represented their idea is a technological competition where students from around the world come and present their ideas to solve the biggest problems spotted in their societies.

Conducted by Microsoft, the Microsoft Imagine Cup simulates students to break their barriers and solve problems the unconventional way. The winner of the world championship 2018 Imagine Cup was Team Smart ARM, from Canada.

The team came up with a robotic hand that was capable of calculating the grip of objects and things in real time. The robotic hand extended usage of Microsoft Azure Machine Learning and Computer vision.

The team who was declared the world champion received the cash prize of worth $85,000 and Microsoft Azure’s giveaway worth $50,000. The winning team would also get a mentor advice and session under Mr. Satya Nadella, CEO Microsoft.

The Indian team, “Team DrugSafe” received a cash prize worth $15,000 and it was amongst three teams that represented India and the only one to receive the award.

The team said they were inspired by the incident where their friend was issued with fake medicines on their doctor’s prescription as even after weeks there was no sign of recovery. Pratik Mohapatra and Srihari HS added their vision now is to fight against this problem, prevailing in all parts of the world by helping people know their medicines and their authenticity.

They understood the imperative that about half of the medicines that are sold in their country are duplicates. This was the major reason why they came up with the idea to build an application that verifies the medicine and traces it backs to the source it’s created from and immediately suggesting whether medicines are fit to use or are just knockoffs.

Their app enables the technology of OCR i.e. Optical Character Recognition which identifies the mini scale details present in the designs and packaging. It then compares the patterns with the original manufacturer company, crosschecks trademark signs, patented design, attributes, and properties.

The crosschecking in the application goes through three stages of checks so that in case of any distortion or error is found the application warns and help users identify duplicate medicines. The team acknowledged the fact that the maximum of consumers use mobile phones, so the identification of medicines would be quick and easy.

The application has a very basic incorporated user interface in order for the application to be feasible and operational by anyone, of any age and any qualification to help the mass market.

The team is now going to contribute their time in implementing this initiative, their prize money would be used to look for partners and plan on integrating more Microsoft Azure features in their application for best possible efficiency and impact.