Intel has announced its plans to introduce intelligence into smart home devices/gadgets as well as other network edge devices. This would be done by deploying the company’s latest invention the Neural Network Compute Stick 2 (NCS2).

Edge devices are generally considered as a part of a hardware that manages the transition of data between the borderlines of two networks. The networks could be anything from routers, gateways, and switches. The IoT gadgets such has ring doorbell cameras, smart medical devices, industrial robots, and self-guided camera drones. Intel defines its NCS2 as a self-contained neural network on a thumb drive. It is believed the latest invention would make it easier to develop devices by training the onboard Movidius Myriad X vision processing unit (VPU).

Steen Graham, the General Manager of Channels and Ecosystem in Intel’s Internet of Things group said that the NCS2 is capable of doing amazing things together with the artificial intelligence as well as video data which is considered as the fastest growing data types. Graham also emphasized the brilliant features of the camera as a sensor.

Talking about the NCS2, Graham said that the invention allows the development of AI algorithms as well as computer vision systems right from the screen of the laptop. All this can be done without having connected to cloud and the internet. For its proper utility, users will have to have a Linux-based operating system with a USB 3.0 port. The NCS2 has processing cores that make it work eight times faster than the speed of its predecessor.

Intel Launches Neural Network On A Stick For AI Development

Intel has reportedly pre-released certain number of NCS2 to developers for developing a range of useful application such as Clean Water AI, BlueScan AI, and ASL Classification. The Clean Water combines machine vision together with a microscope for detecting lethal bacteria in the water. BlueScan AI that helps detect skin cancer and ASL Classification is helpful in translating American Sign Language into text. All these could be done by NCS2 in real time.

The NCS2 is available for purchase through the various distributors of Intel. The company has tagged the invention with $100 rate. The company has made the purchasing of its latest invention easier by removing any restriction. This means that anyone can go and buy NCS2. The availability of NCS2 for all is actually a matter of celebration as it provides developers with an equal opportunity to compete and stay focused in the market. The deployment of NCS2 is likely to encourage developers to come up with IoT and edge devices far better than what is available in the market right now. It is believed the NCS2 will enable the invention of gadgets and devices that have not been so far seen or considered.

With the launch of its NCS2, Intel has claimed it to be the first of its kind stick that features a neural compute engine for hardware neural network interface. To put it in simple words, the stick is first of its kinds to put AI smart devices in action.