Multiple sources have confirmed of Apple AirPods 2 arriving the market soon. The speculated AirPods are likely to have upgraded features which will especially revolve around health space. Recently, there has been a lot of hype regarding the AirPod 2 which have created an irresistible interested in the latest innovation.

The AirPods have come up as one of the most incredible products with many buying it out of its attractive appeal. The gadget, in fact, has hooked many for the amazing audio experience, compact size, a smooth pairing of devices and great connectivity, especially in ph calls. The music being played by the pod could be paused simply by plugging out one of the earphones. Now, that is the technology that has swayed many and attracted the attention of music lovers.

Leaked Photos Claim Apple AirPods 2 is “Definitely Coming This Year”

The new and improved version of AirPod is said to be designed for a great hand-free experience. The new AirPod is stipulated to come with Hey, Siri interactions. In addition, the gadget will have the latest edition of Bluetooth and amazing battery life.

A reliable leaker on Twitter, Ice Universe, has recently revealed that the new AirPod 2 is likely to be out soon. It stated that Apple is planning to launch the AirPod 2 no later than this year. The Ice Universe is confident over the news and this is good news for Apple customers and music lovers who have been anticipating for a great music device for long. The news was confirmed with some leaked images of the device and its case.  The images were leaked by Mr. White on Twitter, as reported by Zach Epstein at Mr. White has leaked a number of authentic images. In short, he is also one of the reliable sources for the news.

Leaked Photos Claim Apple AirPods 2 is “Definitely Coming This Year”

The photos thus leaked by Mr. White are a little contrary to what has been leaked about the device so far. The first leaked photograph is that of a case which seems to be just like that of the first AirPod. If the case of the AirPod 2 is identical to that of AirPod it means the AirPod 2 will also have a lightning connector.

The cable for charging the AirPod is similar to the one we use for charging the iPhones. In short, the charging of AirPod won’t be a rocket science. Again, the second leaked photograph is contrary to what Apple claimed for its AirPods. Apple announced that the new case of AirPods will have a technology that will enable to charge the AirPods wirelessly. An LED would light on when the device is inserted and put on charging mode. But, this feature is not visible from the leaked photographs. All these details have put a question on the authenticity of the photographs. It is believed that the leaked photographs are of current AirPods rather than the much awaited AirPod 2. Although Mr. White has not confirmed of the photographs to be that of AirPod 2, however, he claimed that the photographs are of an unreleased product.