Technology giant Lenovo recently unveiled a bunch of smart home products at IFA on 31st August 2018. The company reportedly revealed a smart light bulb, connected security camera, and plug that will be connected with the company’s new Link app.

The move is in line with the company’s successful launch of Google Smart Display which rolled out earlier in July. The successful rollout encouraged the company to come up with more such smart home gadgets and thus it planned to bring at least three new gadgets at IFA. The overall goal of the company is to tap into the connected smart home gadgets market.

The main idea behind all the announcements and releases is to bring out a single app that will have a provision for all kind of connected devices. As of now, the connected devices require different apps for complete and successful operation. The Link app will now allow the connected devices to operate on a single platform which is also seen as a major achievement in the smart home gadget market. Just like Lenovo other tech giants such as Google, Apple, Samsung, and Amazon are working to frame something similar to the Link app.

The Link app will not only allow users to access Lenovo’s smart home devices from the app rather the users will be able to use the app to access any brand smart home devices. For instance, the users will be able to operate Alexa and even Google Assistant using the Link App.

The idea behind using one app for all brand devices is alluring. This will, in fact, open new opportunities for Lenovo. The market share of Lenovo is expected to grow after the release of Link app as customers of Apple and Google alike will be interested in having the app for a better control of their smart home devices.

The announcement of Link app will put the latest smart devices by Lenovo at back seat for a while. Although the company announced the smart devices at IFA, its Link app create much hype and buzz in the market. According to a source, the Smart Plug and Smart Bulb by Lenovo are expected to be available from the month of November with both carrying a price tag of $30. The Smart Camera costing $100, on the other hand, would take some time to reach the market as it is scheduled to be shipped in early 2019. No further details are leaked by the company on the smart products.

It seems like the prospective customers would have to wait for the smart home devices to be out to get an actual feel of it. It would be interesting to see how the latest Lenovo smart products would perform in the market. Will it break the dominance of the Apple Home app? Or will it bring something completely new to the market? For this, the interested users and the market will have to wait for some time and hope for the best.