Marshall has reportedly unveiled its two speakers at the IFA in Berlin. The company allegedly came up with speakers that are not new but designed to meet with the latest technology trends. The two speakers – Acton II and Stanmore II – are in line with the company’s guitar amp designs.

Both the speakers will be the first of its kind as they will be compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. Marshall is for the first time bringing AI technology to its speakers. The latest move to tech advanced produced will help Marshall get more customers across the globe. Speakers with Alexa assistant will enter the market first while Google Assistant enabled speaker will follow it later.

The Alexa enabled speakers will help its users find any song that they have forgotten by narrating lyrics to Alexa. The users will only have to save the lyrics to the Alexa and the device will find the song. Alexa will be able to answer other questions as well like upcoming albums, the release date of any particular band’s new album and more. Diehard fans of any band can ask Alexa to get tickets for their next concert and the Alexa will do the needful. This amazing feature will completely revolutionize how people enjoy music. The speakers are not meant to be ordinary speakers as they can be your best friend when you are alone.

The Alexa/Google assistant smart speakers will come with one more feature to help teach customers how to play guitar. Using the smart speakers the users will be able to play the guitar and check it with Alexa for accuracy. Alexa will help correct any tune played wrongly through easy to comprehend guide. People who already know how to play the guitar can test their skills with Alexa. There is so much that one will be able to do with these smart speakers around.

The speakers are not for only listening to the music and learning to play guitar. Their features are quite wide as they are powered with world’s best AI so far. Alexa and Google Assistant equipped speakers can help its users stay up to date with the latest happenings. The user can even ask Alexa to play the latest news or update with the newly launched product. The sound quality of the speakers will be as great as that of other Marshal products like its headphones.

According to the company, the speakers will be out this year. The Action II speaker would be the smaller speaker of the two that will come with a price tag of $299. The Stonemore II speaker, on the hand, would cost only $100. The market is likely to witness the launch of Stonemore II on October 2 while the Action II will not arrive until November 9, so users might have to wait a bit.

Meanwhile, the company has still not revealed other details of the product such as the physical dimensions and the color variant etc.