The tech giant Microsoft wants to make it easier for vendors who are working with hybrid cloud platforms and resources with the help of Azure Stack. The Azure Government has the capability to work on the set of Azure Services regardless of the applications whether they are working with a cloud platform or not.

Azure Stack has designed so naturally that it will offer a common look and feel in cloud platform with a compatible approach for various in-house services like Microsoft’s identity, subscription, registration system, backup system, billing system and disaster recovery solutions.

This is a great benefit for all the vendors to grab more core and advanced services without consideration of latency and internet speed. Natalia Mackevicius, program director of Azure Stack wrote a blog post on August 13, 2018, and posted about the services offered to Government Stack. The government stack users will be available with the same APIs for DevOps tools, portals and lot more from Aug 13, 2018.

Generally, people have to rewrite the code based on the platform but now with the Microsoft Azure Stack, there is no need to rewrite their code for applications and change their platform. Everything will execute properly irrespective of the language and platform. Agencies are free to move from one platform to the other platform. We may say like Government stack to public cloud platform or vice versa.

Microsoft Azure Stack is developed in such a way that it can take government workloads from low to high effect. Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program high approval level has certified the overseas workload.

Microsoft Azure has addressed various high alert issues to the central government clients. This includes infrastructure, administrations, and lot more. The product can be used by any members of government while this report can be attractive information for the Pentagon to carry as they are waiting for a vendor to rule them for their cloud-based platform RFP.

Amazon has its products Amazon Web Server which again is a cloud-based platform. Now, this has become a competitor to Microsoft Azure for Government Stack. Other tech giants like Oracle and IBM have complained against the process of single-vendor contract as it seems to be more favorable. These companies have suggested Pentagon go with multiple vendor contract approach.

Microsoft is still trying hard to win the battle for Government stack. AWS (Amazon Web Server) is a part of Amazon’s online shopping website which claims to be a cloud platform provided for companies and individuals on demand. It has drastically increased its infrastructure to provide better services.

Cloud computing is an emerging technology in the market. Everyone nowadays is looking to grab the knowledge of AWS as companies are looking for cloud engineers, DevOps engineers, technical assistance, cloud architect and other high paid job profiles. There are a lot of other vendors available in the market that provides cloud platforms for different services but trusting on the one totally depends upon the requirements of the customer.