Microsoft has uncovered the new possibility of a smart-ring, complete with gesture control and fitness tracking, according to a patent filing that has been recently unveiled. According to the filing, the new smart device by Microsoft pertains to a ring which works just like any wrist wearable, providing the user the ability to pay via NFC, get notified from their respective connected smartphone and tracks cardio activity and do other activities.

Wearable reported the patent filing, mentioning that it has not come across many patent fillings with such detailed information like that of the smart ring. In the filling, Microsoft referred to the devices as a “finger band,” as the device will be required to configure with the user’s finger in order to properly function. This means that the pressure sensors will identify the finger and tune itself to feel changes in the tendons of the finger, and also be able to identify various gestures of the user.

The gestures of the Microsoft ring, as described by the patent filing, will be used to manage external smart devices such as digital displays, phones, smart glasses, and smartwatches. The detailed patent filing also contained information on the battery life. As per the filing, the device could work more than 10 hours of active usage with a 10 mAh battery powered by harvested energy from a smartphone that is NFC-enabled.

Microsoft Ring Patent

There are few things that are important to be considered. The first thing to consider is that the information is only about the patent, which means that there is no news of Microsoft working on any such device. Secondly, the news is about the Microsoft company which has been in news for quite some time for its endeavors to explore alternate realities via the Windows Mixed Reality series as well as its Microsoft HoloLens headset.

The company walked out from the wearable market in 2016 and since then there has been no news of it making a comeback. The patent information is something new for all Microsoft users. However, Microsoft has hinted at its interest in re-entering the wearable market. A smart ring could be one of the devices that it may plan to make a comeback. The company, nevertheless, has not yet confirmed on any such news. We will have to wait to hear from Microsoft officials regarding the company’s plans for the wearable market and of course the smart ring.

Microsoft bands are wearables capable of monitoring blood pressure, cardiac activities and more just like any health gadget. The company decided to discontinue its share in the wearable gadgets somewhere in October 2016, as the company decided to focus on health platforms rather than the wearable. Microsoft Bands were one of the most innovative devices in the wearable market. There is a little possibility of the company making a comeback in the market, but it is too soon to say anything.