Apple has been in the news for quite some time; especially in the smart headphone niche and the credit for this goes to its recently released AirPods. The tether free earplug-type headphones are slowly dominating the market with ever-increasing demand and may even encourage headphone manufacturers to come up with something that is smaller in size just like the AirPods. The small earplugs are going to impact the market for the larger headphones.

The large headphones never got the much attention that the AirPods like devices are enjoying. As of now, there isn’t any headphone that could stand to take up the competition and beat AirPods market share. But now, Microsoft has reportedly stood up to the task of building a market-dominating, large ear covering headphones. The company is in the news for developing a new headphone named “Surface Headphones” that is likely to see stiff market competition from it’s rival, Apple AirPods and even Beats by Dre, who is also Apple owned.

Microsoft has already unveiled the smart headphone and first impressions seem positive. Comparing the two devices for aesthetics, one would probably find the AirPods more attractive. The Surface by Microsoft lacks in personality which is likely to discourage some consumers. Microsoft Chief Product Officer, ‘Panos Panay’ hinted of coming up with a new color combination for the Surface which is likely to attract the customers. But reports suggest that the new color combination is not really going to make it look as appealing as the AirPods.

The Surface was also tested for comfort and it proved to be more comfortable than the Apple AirPods. Comfort is one of the crucial factors that a buyer looks for when buying wearable devices. Although the headphones are large, they are light in weight which makes it completely comfortable to wear. There are many headphones available in the market that is totally comfortable to wear like QuietComfort 35’s by Bose. Surface though is more comfortable that AirPods, Bose is still the leader.

Microsoft's Surface Headphones Are The Anti-AirPods

The ear-cups have dials on both sides of Surface for controlling noise. Using the dials one can volume up, down and even mute the headphones. The surface has 13 level of noise control and user has to just pick the right level for great sound quality. The headphones are equipped with four mics that simply enhances the sound quality making it crystal clear to hear.

Microsoft has taken up smart device niche quite seriously so how could it leave the Surface alone. The Surface is not an ordinary headphone; it is a smart headphone that comes equipped with Cortana. A tap on the right ear-cup activates the Microsoft Assistant. Cortana can take up a number of commands but its functionality is definitely limited with the headphones. Microsoft has not revealed about its Cortana integrated headphones yet but it is believed that the integration will help the company attract new buyers.

The company is yet to comment on the functionality of the Surface headphones, for instance, they have yet to announce whether the headsets are activated and paired automatically or the users will have to do it by themselves. Overall, Microsoft Surface is likely to get more exposure than AirPods.