The renowned financial services group of South Africa “Santam” recently announced the founders of the new panic device as the winners of the 2018 Safety Ideas Campaign. The platform invites new innovations from South Africa to make the place safer for all.

The product’s called MyLifeLine (Innovative Panic Device) is brought to reality by Anton Swanevelder and Herman Bester. According to reports, the winners of this year’s Safety Ideas Campaign have won a cash prize of 200,000 rands ($15,100 US Dollar) as their seed fund money.

The brainy duo Bester and Swanevelder incorporated GPS and GMS tracking which ensures anyone in an emergency gets fastest and quick assistance. The product line is similar to that of Santam’s SOS feature which works to make SA safer. Bester added that the largest insurer company helped them massively along their way to bring this idea to reality. He further said with the matching frequencies in Santam’s initiatives they vision to associate their device with the company and help assist their policyholders in emergencies. They now see themselves as a serious contender in the national and international IoT (Internet of Things) emerging market with their recent win.

The platform, Santam Safety ideas campaign was launched in the year 2016 to encourage all South Africans from various backgrounds; ages and experience to come and suggest innovative ways to make SA more efficient and safer.

This year, it is reported that 143 such ideas were registered which were later put out against a panel of judges and experts. The panel even included judges from DTI (Dept. of Trade and Industry) who deeply evaluated all contenders.

The ones, who were able to reach the finals underwent various scenario testing’s and completed their product lifecycle. The prototype for the project was checked to find out whether it was feasible for businesses and other ventures or not.

Santam’s Chief Marketing Officer, Mokaedi Dilotsothe mentioned during the event that looking out for new innovations in the market is something that’s a major lookout of the company. He added, “Any idea that induces safety is something we strive for, we continuously practice to improvise our solutions and techniques to enable more security amongst South Africans. We look for ideas, regardless of which enterprise it may come from as all of them require a little bit of guidance and support. It’s by investing and empowering these ideas we truly take one step ahead in ensuring our citizen’s security.”

The Director of Innovation and technology at DTI, Nontombi Marule extended her views stating “The competition has two facets; one is the empowerment of new enterprises to support new ideas and second is supporting established companies and give them exposure in the international market.”

The dynamic duo Bester and Swanevelder received great appraisal from Philip Marais, CEO Launchlab as well. Philip mentioned, the duo was focused and had the will to learn and grow as much as they could.

Everyone remains excited for the third season of the campaign with Santam, where more entrepreneurs and their ideas would be encouraged to ensure safety in SA.