Honda recently demonstrated its latest ‘Smart Intersection’ technology specially designed for vehicle-to-everything (V2X) communication. The technology is expected to help reduce traffic accidents at roadway intersections. This is the first time a technology like this has been deployed in a real-world setting.

Honda collaborated with the City of Marysville for the development of the ‘Smart Intersection’ technology which is a part of the bigger 33 Smart Mobility Corridor project. The project aims to enhance the capabilities of the onboard sensors to reduce the amount of vehicle collisions at roadway intersections. According to a survey, 40% of road collision occurs on the road intersections and 20% of the 35,000 deaths due to road accident is from intersection collision every year in the US.

The ‘Smart Intersection’ technology is equipped with Honda’s object recognition software along with mounted cameras on the intersection and V2X communications. The car drivers using the ‘smart interaction’ technology will enable the car drivers to have a complete look through and around the buildings and walls in a unique virtual manner to get an idea of traffic on the other side of the road or the building.

Honda R&D Americas Inc Vice President of Strategic Research, ‘Ted Klaus’ said the company believes that the V2X communications technology will play a crucial role in setting up a collision-free transportation. He further commented about the partnership with the City of Marysville and the State of Ohio that will prove helpful in understanding the hidden potential of V2X technology and its implications in alerting the drivers and securing life on the road.

Honda Smart Intersection Technology

The project is currently being tested in the City of Marysville, as well on the US 33 Smart Mobility Corridor and is expected to bring a revolution in road security measures, said Governor John R. Kasich. John further noted, saying that the project is the 21st version of Huffman Prairie flying field where the Wright Brothers reportedly tested and made their early aviation discoveries. The governor, proud of the project, said that the collaborative efforts of the public and private sector are an effort towards maintaining leadership role of the Transportation Research Center in Ohio towards the development smart technology and vehicles of the future.

Smart Intersection Functionality

Smart intersection technology is powered by four mounted cameras on the traffic lights of each corner of the interaction. The cameras capture the aerial view of the surrounding ecosystem highlighting traffics and obstacles in the intersection. These cameras are connected with smart devices placed on the cars that decode the information sent to it through the cameras. The information helps the car drivers to understand traffic near the intersection road and make concise decisions to prevent any accident.

New ‘Smart Intersection’ Technology Introduced That Enables Vehicles To Virtually See Through Buildings

The more recent report suggests that Honda will deploy 200 connected cars for testifying the latest technology in the 33 Smart Mobility Corridor and Smart Columbus projects. Honda has a history of executing many valuable evaluations in the City of Marysville.