Nintendo has reportedly made Nintendo Switch Online available to the public. It is a paid online service that allows users to access some of the best Nintendo games from anywhere. The services house some of the most amazing features that are believed to offer a great value to the owners of Nintendo Switch.

The newly launched services are available for a monthly membership cost of $3.99 and $19.99 for 12 months. Those who like to avail the service for three months will have to pay around $7.99. The company also offers a family membership for $34.99 per annum. The family membership allows eights members to create an account.

Nintendo is also offering a service called “Save Data Cloud” backup, that automatically creates a cloud based backup of saved data for compatible Nintendo Switch games. The service is also expected to include a pair of codeless NES Controllers for playing NES games on the Nintendo Switch, according to a statement released by Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing of Nintendo of America Doug Bowser.

The special offers that one can expect to have with the new Nintendo Switch Online include NES controllers for a discounted price. The controller enhances the gaming experience of the player. The company is offering the controller with the Nintendo Switch Online for a price of $59.99 excluding the shipping cost and tax.

Using the Nintendo Switch Online players will get to play exciting games that are either already released by the company are about to release. In short, the new service is likely to bring many new stuff for the Switch. The games that can expect to enjoy include Splatoon 2, Mario Tennis Aces, and Super Mario Party.

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Although the game brings lots of goodies for the Switch owners, they will still have to get themselves registered for the new services to avail the benefits. Those with family membership will have to avail the services for each member. The company has also introduced a free trial of seven days, which will allow the users to get a feel of what Nintendo Switch Online is all about.

In short, Nintendo is not only bringing lots of new goodies it is also offering free trials to attract more customers. The development is in line with the company’s efforts to tap in more customers in the gaming industry. The new Nintendo Switch Online is the most awaited service by Nintendo.

The Nintendo Switch Online is the first initiative by the company to make its games available online. Depending on the type of game, the players will be able to engage in either multi or single player games. The service will enhance the excitement and enjoyment so far cherished by the Nintendo audience. With so much in one service, there is no reason why Nintendo players should not be happy. Therefore, far Nintendo players always had the issues of playing games remotely. However, now with the latest service, Nintendo players will be able to take their favorite game to any place with their connected devices.