Amazon used to rule the smart speaker’s marketplace earlier but according to new report, the marketplace giant is no longer the smart speaker sale’s king. A research firm Canalys, this week showed the stats of the market shares that Google Home shipments outstrip the echo products of Amazon for the second straight quarter.

The Chinese tech monsters i.e. Xiaomi and Alibaba also experienced strong growth to beat the Amazon echo products. During the period nearly 17 million Amazon devices were shipped showing a decrease in the overall sale of devices in the second quarter. While Google shipped 32 percent of the numbers of Amazon sold, and Xiaomi as well as Alibaba sold 12 percent and 18 percent respectively.

Last year, Amazon sold 82 percent of all smart speakers worldwide as compared to Google who shipped 17 percent, one percent less compared to other competitors. According to the Canalys, Google beats the Amazon in the first quarter of this year.

In the United States Amazon is still leading on number one position. According to a research of the Consumer Intelligence Research Partners, in the domestic market of the US, Amazon holds the position by controlling 70 percent of the sales, while Google and Apple hold 24 percent and 6 percent sales in domestic market respectively.

If market growth is calculated internationally, then Google is leading due to its advanced technology features. Google leg up in the marketplace because of its vast languages potential and prevalence of Android. Still, the US domestic market is measuring the stats on the basis of overall sales of smart speakers according to which only 16 percent of growth was recorded in the last quarter.

Nikkei reports published a piece of news that Google is planning to launch a new advanced echo product to compete with the Amazon’s smart speaker, later this year.  Google is also actively promoting its home devices with ad campaigns and in the big event shows like CES and SXSW.

Amazon sales data indicates that the company leads will give it a huge advantage and time to update the ecosystem technology. Amazon still has time to upgrade its ecosystem application’s technology and third-party features integrated with Alexa; it still can’t compete with Google stronger international presence and broader knowledge base.

In Amazon’s competitor’s list, one more name has been recently added which is ‘Sonos One’ offering best sound quality and Apple’s home pod. The Sonos One tie up with the Apple’s advanced ecosystem makes them a stronger competitor for Amazon smart speakers.

Recent studies on people’s interest show that people don’t want any home smart devices to be shopped, they only wish to listen to music or check the weather forecast. Another study about Amazon’s internal data reveals that only 2 percent of the users of the Alexa device enabled with the voice feature have gone for any purchase with the smart device.