Recently a survey was conducted in which it is found that various IT companies are inefficient in keeping themselves matched with the fast running and developing technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI).

It is imperative since the implementation of similar emerging technologies in the future determines different aspects of the IT industry in any country. The reports also say that many organizations are so far incapable of acting and exploiting various uses of other such technologies like big data, blockchain, IoT etc. The economy of any country is now dependant on the colossal presence of advancements in technology inside of any country.

Analysts from McKinsey, ‘Jacques Bughin’ and ‘Nicolas van Zeebroeck’ after conducting a survey with administrators on what challenges they face with AI found that it requires regular up-gradation of technology when someone deals with the thing as complex as Artificial Intelligence. They observed that Artificial Intelligence requires a strong base of digital automation if it is to be taken to a higher level. They added, “Organizations that are proactive and sensitive enough to gather the huge amount possibilities that AI has will be the ultimate achievers.”

Many of you might be guessing about different technologies that will be helpful in entering the pool of AI. Well, all the budding technologies including Cloud Computing, Smartphone, Web, Big Data, and Analytics will open the path to AI. The McKinsey analysts wrote that the companies who have a firm base of all these technologies and are adaptive of new advancements in these technologies are eventually 30% more suitable to adopt all the AI tools.

Bughin and Nicolas noticed that the lack of appropriate digital infrastructure of a company may be one of the reasons for the slow expansion of AI. Report from a survey suggests that only one out of every three companies could match the standards to incorporate AI tools because they lack in technologies like could computing, big data and analytics etc. The McKinsey team concluded that 1/5th of the companies that they shortlisted were incapable of advancing with AI.

The McKinsey analysts foresee that it’s still only the beginning of the era of digitization and artificial intelligence. It’s estimated that almost 35 percent of the organizations have already implemented the AI tool or they are in the development phase. Though, this little shift made by companies has affected the market largely. More competent business models have already come into action to disrupt the existing industry scenes. This early adaptation of AI techniques will keep organizations beforehand from their potential competitors at least for the near future to come.

Suggestions From Analysts For Artificial Intelligence Sector

What analysts suggest to be in the AI game is to think a little out of the box in terms of digitization. The organizations that are still out of the league of AI need to gear up and catch with the digital advancements.