Rolls-Royce and semiconductor chip maker Intel is collaboration for the purpose of designing autonomous intelligent shipping systems for secured commercial shipping, according to a statement issued by the companies. Under the partnership, ship owners, cargo owners, operators, and ports will be equipped with the latest technologies of Rolls-Royce and Intel. The proposed shipping system will be deployed with technology similar to that of smart cities, drones and autonomous cars.

The shipping system thus developed under the partnership will also be endowed with artificial intelligence capabilities, data centers as well as edge computing. These technologies will independently handle navigations, communication, and obstacle detection. Here is an insight of the technology that will be deployed in the future securer shipping system:

  1. Intel® Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA): Intel’s FPGA technology embedded in the safe shipping system will address to challenges associated with advanced shipping system enabling the engineers to use the customizable platform, IP and parts of edge computing like obstacle detection monitors and navigation.
  2. Intel® Xeon® Scalable Processors: The processors are designed for technology that optimizes High Performance Computing (HPC). The process will play a crucial role in advanced shipping by managing complex functions with future developments deploying learning modules to power autonomous shipping operations.
  3. Intel® Optane™ DC Persistent Memory and Intel® Optane™ SSD Intel® 3D NAND SSD: For storage, the advanced shipping module will use Intel’s Optane SSD Intel 3D NAND SSD and Intel Optane DC. The technologies are quite useful for ensuring the intelligent working of the latest shipping is reliable and responsive to data extracted from real-time analysis and ecosystem modeling.

Rolls RoyceKevin Daffey, Rolls-Royce’s Director of Engineering & Technology and Ship Intelligence said that the company is excited about the partnership. It is hoped that the partnership will help design better autonomous shipping operations. The collaboration, in fact, will support ship owners in a big way in the navigation and operations while reducing any obstacle created through human errors. This will allow the ship crew to focus better on their respective tasks, added Daffey.

The project is incomplete with the contribution of Intel. In short, Intel plays a major role in developing the latest shipping system. The General Manager and SVP of Intel UK, Adrian Criddle praised Rolls-Royce and said that the company is bringing innovative products and ideas to the shipping industry. Criddle further said that Intel is proud to work with Rolls-Royce.

Rolls-Royce is a leading firm delivering cutting-edge technologies in the safest, cleanest and modest solutions to meet the desired goals. It is a global company with customers over 150 plus countries. Its customer base includes 150 armed forces, 4,000 marine customers and more than 400 airlines as well as leasing customers. In 2017, the company reports of having achieved annual revenue of £15 billion. Its order book stood at £78.5 billion as of the end of December last year.

According to reports the company is said to have invested £1.4 billion last year towards research and development and supported as many as 31 tech universities in the world.