According to a recent report, Salesforce has introduced a few unique Internet of Things (IoT) capabilities for its field service customer relationship management platform. The new IoT capabilities designed specifically for the Service Cloud console will allow businesses automate requests for sending out representatives of customer care service. The IoT capabilities, dubbed Salesforce IoT Insights for Field Service Lightning, were introduced on 5TH December 2018. The capabilities will enable firms to use connected devices as a way to troubleshoot issues pertaining to machinery in a timely fashion to prevent them from causing any further problem on the site. The new capabilities come with a feature of drag-and-drop that makes it easier to use them on Lightening.

The new capabilities will be able to collect the problem before the data workers in the field get to know them. This will allow the data workers to know the tools that they may need to fix the problem. In addition, the new IoT capabilities will allow the data workers to remotely diagnose a problem at the edge. Once diagnosed, the team would send the expert skilled in solving the particular problem. Salesforce allows firms to merge IoT data with data from the CRM platform such as Sales Cloud Lightning Professional to help customize the experience of the customer.

The new IoT capabilities allow technicians as well as dispatchers to get the glimpse of IoT signal within the mobile app consoles for Service Cloud and Field Service Lightning together with CRM data. The visibility thus provided by the IoT capabilities enables companies to forecast the time or situation when customer care service may be needed. The CRM app by Salesforce has inbuilt analytics that allows companies to view the history of customer experience. Many a time, the workers working on fixing a problem forget to take necessary tools with them causing wastage of time as well as revisiting of the warehouse. The new IoT capabilities will save the time of workers by advising them in advance which tools they should carry before visiting the site to fix the problem.

Paolo Bergamo, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Field Service Lightning informed that the ability to monitor the working or operations of customer service in Field Service Lightning is somehow similar to the way Uber drivers and passengers track each other. The visibility provided by the capabilities well help establish a new connection with the customers, added Bergamo.

Bergamo further said that CRM and IoT can be clubbed to track any mobile worker. The capabilities, in fact, are simple yet complex especially for the people who have to show up at a different time in different places such as construction site.

Companies use IoT-powered CRM platform just like hospitals use electronic medical records to track the health record of the patients. The Salesforce IoT in Field Service Lightning has already been brought to use by a maritime company Samson Rope for tracking the health of the rope.