The multinational tech giant Samsung has recently launched a new product in the market with various IoT incorporations, thereby offering a great experience. The company has launched a premium edition clothing dresser with an internet connection, popularly called as Air Dresser.

The new product is an upgraded version of capabilities of a clothing care dresser; the existing functions are now being enhanced with internet connectivity and operability.

The dresser visually appears similar to a closet offering air, steam, drying, and purification services for clothes present in it. It even gets ride off of the tiniest micro-particles of dust and gets rid of smell and odor “completely”, conveyed South Korean tech giant during a press event held in Seoul.

The product is designed in an aesthetically appealing and technologically efficient manner. The product has various cabinets from which air and steam enter. The air is forced inside the closet on the fabrics from bottom and top which further makes use of a filter that helps in getting rid of the unpleasant smell of clothes. Along with this the product also extends the application of cleaning up products on a micro scale. It offers sterilization feature that kills germs, bacteria, and viruses from clothes ensuring high-level cleaning.

Samsung Launches IoT Enabled Clothing Care Dresser 1

Samsung’s IoT enabled Air Dresser can be connected with the SmartThings which is the Samsung’s IoT platform. The application allows the users and operators to function the product in a way by choosing the best cleaning course and managing inventory.

CEO of Samsung’s Consumer Electronics Business, HS Kim mentioned at the event that “The recently launched Air Dresser is a by-product of our company’s IoT commitments and leadership in the genre. Our initiatives in the technology come to rescue at every mundane in the lifestyle of users.”

Samsung has also launched “My Closet service” in parallel, the service that allows users with best fabric care methods and ways by accessing data compiled with all clothing brands. This service allows all special needs of an individual product to be met up with.

The barcode present on the clothes of the brands who have majorly tied up with Samsung would be recognized in the application. As soon as the barcode scanning would take place the technology would let the user know fabric constituents and ways to best care for it.

Samsung has reportedly joined hands with six major brands that also include a suit brand, Galaxy, Beanpole, and 8seconds which is a young clothing brand.

The My Closet application is also designed to maintain a list of all clothes of the user and has a directory that shows all cleaning ways and history coherent to each available product.

Samsung has also tagged along previously and said they are looking forward towards incorporating the leading technology of IoT to all of its major applications as a core feature by the year 2020. It is now extending to connect all of its devices to the SmartThings Hub that will benefit the society in an effective manner.