Samsung has allegedly revealed its latest unknown foldable smartphone for the very first time. The company, however, have not confirmed on its name as will it be called the Galaxy F or Samsung Galaxy X.

The smartphone officially known as the ‘Infinity Flex Display’ was revealed during the Samsung Developer Conference held in San Francisco, US. Although the story has made breaking news in the media, the company played smart with its new device by displaying it in a shadow with only the expandable screen lit up leaving people confused about the actual look of the smart device. However, the expandable part of the smartphone was light up on the stage during the conference.

Samsung Reveals Its Foldable Smartphone For The First Time

Commenting on the new foldable smartphone, Hassan Anjum the Director of Product Marketing at Samsung said that the company always works towards bringing the best innovation to consumers. Elaborating on the features of the smartphone, Anjum said that the screen of most of the devices in use these days is limited to the actual size of the smartphone. But the foldable smartphone is different from its peers. It has a foldable display with a clamshell design, a wider interior screen on opening flat, and an outside screen on folded up, said Anjum.

The much awaited smartphone has finally been revealed, said Anjum. The smartphone has a foldable screen that can be folded up to form a tablet and folded down for a compact, pocket fit smartphone, added Anjum.

Will there be any other feature differentiating the smartphone from other available devices in the market? Well, this is one tricky question to answer as the moment, said Anjum. The team working behind the development of the smartphone wants to keep the information under cover. This is one of the reasons for revealing the foldable smartphone in the shadow, Anjum noted.

Samsung Reveals Its Foldable Smartphone For The First Time

Nevertheless, the front screen apparently looked smaller as compared to the silhouette of the device that was showcased by Anjum during the conference. The company is working towards reducing the screen-to-body ratio as compared to the dimensions of the most available smartphones. The screen-to-body ratio of the Galaxy Note 9 is nearly 84%.

Anjum informed that for the development of the Infinity Flex Display, the company has to manufacture new materials and had to redesign the entire screen of the devices from scratch. The glass of the device is made up of a unique composite polymer which Samsung claims to be static and rigid. For the development, the company also reduced the thickness of the polarized by almost 45% for the thinnest ever screen.

The smartphone thus revealed is designed to run up to three apps at a time. It also a feature a spread Samsung is called Multi-Active Window. Following the announcement of the foldable smartphone, the Chief at Google’s Android UX informed the eager audience about its plans to support the foldable displays in the future. It is Google’s Android UX that allows the smartphone to fold.