In line with the last year’s announcement of building the world’s largest smart city internet of things (IoT) platform, the City of San Diego announced a number of updates during the Smart City Expo World Congress held in Barcelona. San Diego has partnered with Current, which is powered by GE to develop several solutions that may address the current issues of parking, public safety on the roads as well as streets, and traffic. Besides that, another 1,000 CityIQ sensor nodes are expected to be added by the city to make it smart in all manner. In addition to the sensor nodes, the city has also committed to installing first-of-its-kind lighting controls which are expected to enhance the efficiency of LED street lights by almost 20%.

According to the previous announcement in the same line by the city, San Diego is planning to add as many as 4,200 unique CityIQ nodes in about 14,000 new individually metered LED infrastructures. The project is expected to save the city nearly $3.6 million per annum in utility and maintenance cost. At the same time, it will enhance the adoption of open data APIs as well as smart city applications that may help solve some of the challenges faced by the city. A number of city departments including, San Diego Police Department, Office of Economic Development, and Traffic Engineering and Operations are working towards improving road safety and reducing traffic with the help of CityIQ data.

Erik Caldwell, San Diego’s Interim Deputy Chief Operating Officer said that the initiative to bring smart application and devices to the city to save energy has been possible due to the collaboration between various public and private stakeholders. Commenting on the progress of the initiative Caldwell said that the city is proud of what it has so far achieved in its initiative to create a solution that would prove helpful in improving the quality of life of San Diego’s residents.

San Diego California Debuts New Smart City Apps & Intelligent Lighting Controls from Current by GE

Currently, it is reportedly working in collaboration with AT&T as well as Intel for the successful completion of the project. The CityIQ sensors are powered by the latest technology of AT&T LTE network. Their technology enables CityIQ to provide connectivity that is reliable and secure. The nodes are powered by Intel IoT technologies that enable them to provide computing power, support extract metadata as well as carry out multi-sensor fusion through a secured cloud connection.

The CityIQ that is currently deployed in the city works by collecting data in real-time. The platform is open and can be deployed for the development of apps, providing insights about the current operations within the city and visualize information. The city’s first app package includes an application that enhances the safety of the public – Genetec – and also enhances the real-time response. Xaqt, ShotSpotter, and CivicSmart are also included in the package.