Mallorca, a Spanish island and a member of the EU Smart Island Initiative will reportedly deploy Semtech LoRa devices as well as wireless frequency technology that would help the island monitor water levels and air quality in the real time. Besides that, the island will also house other smart appliances and devices to stay in the league of smart island program. According to reports, the island will incorporate Semtech LoRa devices and wireless frequency technology into its LoRaWAN-powered network.

Semtech has teamed up with IOTLabs to access the advantages of the IoT through the deployment of the island-wide network with the internet of things (IoT) being its service principle.

Marta Cierra, the Co-founder of IOTLABS said that LoRa Technologies works as the backbone of the IoT platform and offers endless opportunities to develop smart devices. Cierra further said the technology of LoRa will be utilized by the residents of Mallorca for various purpose such as monitoring the water level in real-time as well as checking the quality of the air. IOTLABS has plans to include smart parking, pollution monitoring and traffic controlling solutions which will be based on the LoRa sensors.

LoRa-based solution by IOTLABS allows the users to monitor, connect, and analyze data in real time. Deploying the solution would enable the municipality of the island to better govern and provide smart solutions such as smart metering for electricity, and precision agriculture solutions for the most popular olive industry of the island.

Semtech’s LoRa Technology Helps Spain’s Smart Island ProgressSemtech’s LoRa Technology Helps Spain’s Smart Island Progress

The LoRa Technology, in fact, is most popularly known as the choice for creating IoT applications as more of cities are turning to the IoT adoption as a way to reduce operational cost and develop smarter community, stated Vivek Mohan the Director of IoT, Wireless and Sensing Products Group at Semtech. LoRa solutions on the whole are flexible, scalable, and convenient to deploy. The LoRa Technology is playing a greater role in turning the planet smarter with Mallorca being the best example.

LoRa devices by Semtech are globally adopted for its unique features which include low-power solution for IoT devices. IoT network powered by LoRa has been adopted by more than 100 countries. Semtech Corporation is a supplier of advanced algorithms and high-performance analog together with mixed-signal semiconductors for high-end clients and industries. The products are specially designed for the engineering and the global communities. The company has recently taken up a green initiative under which it aims to reduce waste by establishing control of material and manufacturing units. Semtech is also a Nasdaq Global Select Market listed company which was found in 1967. Semtech is the founding member of the best ever growing IoT Alliance for Low Power Wide Area Network applications – LoRa Alliance.

IOTLABS is an IoT solutions provider that provides all kind of IoT-based solution for everything from hardware to installation. The collaboration of the Semtech, IOTLABS, and LoRa Technologies will definitely boost the progress of the development of Smart Island in Spain.