An initiative to develop smart neighborhood is turning into reality as Sidewalk Labs reveals its plans for the site in Toronto. The smart neighborhood is likely to be situated on the Quayside with 12 huge timber buildings. The proposed buildings will have a maximum height of 30 stories and will have residential, commercial, as well as retail space. The smart neighborhood will also have all the amenities that one expects to have in the residential area.

The plan as explained by Sidewalk Labs is focused on addressing some of the key urban issues of Toronto. The city is facing certain issues pertaining to bottleneck roads, job opportunities, and costly housing. Of the total residential area in Toronto, 20% are affordable housing and 50% properties are rental units. The rental properties have the capacity to have around 5000 residents.

The Sidewalk project is expected to develop 9000 plus jobs in construction and around 3,900 job opportunities are also likely to be created in the neighborhood. The company through its initiative intends to utilize Quayside for transportation to promote easily mobility.

While drafting the plan, Sidewalk paid special attention to the growing menace of global warming. The proposed neighborhood is likely to lower down 75-85% greenhouse gas emissions when compared with the standard developments. The company intends to deploy solar panels as well as geothermal wells to reduce emissions. The Quayside will also have green spaces like parks. Moreover, there are plans to enhance the waterfront access. In the interim, the company is hopeful to create an independent trust to manage data collection in the neighborhood, but it will have to run into a privacy quagmire with that initiative.

Data privacy has always been a matter of concern among the public. Sidewalk intends to address privacy issue through a proposed Civic Data Trust dedicated for all ‘urban data’. The company in a statement said that nobody has a right to own information collected from Quayside including Sidewalk Labs.

The Sidewalk is likely to make the further revelation on the initiative on 8th of December. Then it will have enough time to evaluate its plans based on the feedback that it may receive and its own understanding. The company is likely to release the broader Master Innovation and Development Plan in 2019.

The plans are in their draft and it will take it some time to come into the real process. Quayside, in particular, will take several years to turn fruitful. The initiative is in its initial stage as it has been uncovered that Sidewalk is yet to commence talks with potential partners for the project, according to its COO of development. The company is yet to receive approval for its project. And once it received the approval, it may take the company around 5-6 years to complete the construction of the smart neighborhood.

Although the project is in its initial stage, once completed the residents of Toronto will have a great choice of opportunities that will help them improve their standard of living.