Samsung recently unpacked their other SmartThings products other than Samsung Watch and Galaxy Note 9. The Korean electronics giant, after launching a few most awaited smart products such as Samsung Watch, Samsung Galaxy Note 9 and Galaxy home last week, lined up some awful SmartThings products this week at launch. The products the tech giant revealed include the new mesh Wi-Fi routers and IOT hub.

Specifications and Features Of Samsung SmartThings Mesh Wi-Fi System

Samsung SmartThings Mesh Wi-Fi is set in motion with some advanced mesh networking technology. It is an upgraded version of the last year’s Samsung Connect home. Instead of Samsung’s in-house tech, this year mesh Wi-Fi is using the plume’s AI-based advanced mesh networking technology.

Samsung declares that the SmartThings mesh Wi-Fi can go across the area of up to 4000 square feet with the reliable high connectivity speed consisting of a one-pack and three-pack. The smarting mesh Wi-Fi can be used in modern houses, also this Wi-Fi act as the same as SmartThings IoT hub too.

Plume’s AI-based technology sets a different level for the Samsung AI technology. The technology indigently analyzes the users and connector activity that they are using the Wi-Fi and then sets the bandwidth according to the uses. Every unit of the device possesses a quad-core Qualcomm processor which clock at 710MHz. The product includes RAM of 512 MB and Flash memory of 8 GB. It sports 802.11ac Wi-Fi, 2×2 MIMO, and AC1300 speeds.

The Wi-Fi delivers the high-speed connectivity range up to 866 Mbps per 5 GHz channel and up to 400 Mbps per 2.4 GHz channel. An iOS and Android app are required to be installed in your smartphone for the installation of Samsung SmartThings Mesh Wi-Fi in your home.

The mandatory version of the operating system is iOS 10 or higher and for Android it’s should be above the Android 5.0 OS version. This Wi-Fi router supports the latest version of Zigbee, Bluetooth, and Z-wave.

Specifications and Features Of Samsung SmartThings IoT Hub

The SmartThings IoT Hub is launched with the wireless connectivity. Before this the home automation device needs the hard-wired connectivity, meaning the user only needs a small place to keep that wireless device and access it intelligently from anywhere.

As Samsung lined up smart devices with some upgrades, so now it also helps in finding out issues related to the water leak and motion sensor, with the offer of some smart outlets too. This device can be used for multi-purpose such as locking doors and temperature controlling. If you think this is not enough for you so you can plug in the hub device and program it as your own needs. You can control the smart home lights and locks of your smart home with this IoT hub very easily.

Estimated Price For Samsung SmartThings IoT Hub And Mesh Wi-Fi System

The starting price Samsung offers for SmartThings Mesh Wi-Fi System is $279.99 (19541.91 in INR) for the three-pack Wi-Fi mesh networking system while it is $119.99 (8374.70 in INR) for the one pack Wi-Fi mesh system.